What does our management service include?

With years of experience, we can advise you on the best solution to meet all your requirements, but it doesn’t stop there. Our management service ensures you always have a spare pair of hands, day and night, to keep your application running smoothly, together with the resources required to manage any issue.

  • Unlimited support requests
  • <5 minute response time for urgent queries
  • Quick support request submission
  • Priority handling of support queries
  • 7 day rolling backups
  • Firewalling of your server
  • All security updates are applied for you
  • Friendly UK support
  • Straightforward monthly billing
  • Dedicated account manager

What does all this cost? Nothing extra. It is all included in the price of our managed dedicated servers (starting at £199 per month). If we were buying a dedicated server, this is what we would want, and this is why we do it this way, clean, simple and no surprises.


Depending on the dedicated solution you choose, we will take a variety of backups for you. There are two key types:

Server images – a complete image of the server file system that can be restored at any point. This is mainly used as a disaster recovery tool to ensure that your server is online as quickly as possible should any hard drive issues occur.

File by File backup – this allows for individual files to be restored at any time – this is mostly used should you accidentally overwrite a file or edit a file mistakenly.

DNS Management

DNS is a complex beast. We are experts in this field and we use our skills ensure that:

Any site migrations are seamless

Any subdomains are setup quickly and effectively

Any mail rearrangements you have work effectively and with maximum redundancy

Server Management

You don’t want to be worrying about servers breaking down at 2am or your email/website not working. With our management offering, we take on that responsibility. We do a large amount of day to day work on all our servers to ensure they are working and stable all the time. This includes:

Proactive Monitoring – we actively monitor all our servers every few minutes and will alert an “on call” technician should any issues arise.

Patching and security updates – software vendors are constantly releasing updates. We proactively manage these updates to ensure the most reliable and secure service possible.

Managing Large amounts of Traffic

If your website / application is likely to receive a large amount of traffic, we offer a range of services that will ensure this will remain visible and that the traffic will be evenly spread. These solutions include:


Load Balancing

Custom install of software

If you require particular software or services to be installed on your dedicated server, we will be more than happy to assist in this process. We have experience in a wide range of software and are happy to work with you on this.