What is an SSL?

A method of securing information for Internet transactions and communications between client web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer / Firefox) and you website / hosting.

Order an SSL Certificate

How do I know which SSL to choose?

Business Certificate (most popular) – a supported security certificate issues by one of the world’s largest and most trusted certification authorities for customer facing website e.g. ecommerce sites. Available for 1 or 2 year periods, include a site seal for your site.

Business Wildcard Certificate – a cost effective way of covering all subdomains e.g.. shop.catalyst2.com, support.catalyst2.com as the standard e.g.. www.catalyst2.com – available for 1 or 2 years periods.

Extended Validation Business Certificate – an upgraded version of the business SSL, allowing you to display a logo on your site, telling your customers about your advanced security this also turns the address bar green providing even more reassurance to your customers. This is similar to what banks have. Available for 1 or 2 year periods, includes a site seal.

Let’s Encrypt Certificate – these are SSL’s available that expire every 90 days. These are recommended for improving the security of your site, however for ecommerce sites we do recommend a Business SSL (see more information on our blog).

How much do they cost?

1 year 2 years
Business Certificate £99 £149
Business Wildcard Certificate £299 £499
Extended Validation Business Certificate £499 £899

Please note all prices are excluding VAT.

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