Hosting services for high-traffic websites

When you’ve spent precious time, skill and investment in creating an excellent website, you want to know that you can service the high volume of visitors that will come to engage with your online services, functionality and content. High-traffic is a great sign of a well-performing website – but it does need careful management in order to provide the right visitor engagement and a seamless user experience.

Finding the right hosting

The right hosting solution will give you peace of mind – knowing that your visitors will receive the perfect experience that you have designed for them, with excellent availability and data speeds. However, many standard commercial hosting services simply cannot deal with high traffic and are not designed to do so. Many of these services are designed for smaller websites and blogs with more manageable visitor volumes and lesser needs.

When you need high-traffic website hosting

Catalyst2 is different. We offer excellent hosting packages that are designed to meet the exacting needs of your successful, high-traffic website, with a number of key benefits on offer:

Secure and private server options

Many of our customers choose to protect their websites with their own private server. This prevents security and downtime issues and ensures that your solution is entirely bespoke to your needs. At Catalyst2 our team will provide backup, manage, secure and monitor your service for total peace of mind and a wholly wraparound service. Our experts are always on hand when you need them and we pride ourselves on offering an excellent client experience.

Third-party liaison

Many of our clients highly value the fact that we proactively work with other developers or software engineers that might be working within or for your business for specific tech and digital projects. This saves time and energy, allowing your precious internal resource to focus on their jobs rather than trying to bring tech people together successfully! We always go out of our way to be helpful, transparent and effective for our clients, to help you to grow your business.

Above and beyond

Our service goes beyond basic hosting and we work hard to provide real added value.

Application assistance

For when you need to install an off-the-shelf software application successfully into your business's existing IT infrastructure. Our specialists can help you to do this quickly, easily and without the risk of operational downtime.

Coding analysis

Even the best code can end up with a rogue bug! Suddenly your website may not be functioning as it should and the original developer may not be on hand. We provide coding bug identification and analysis, and we can also provide fixes too for an all-in-one package!

Reliable Servers

Proactive support and maintenance

Unlike some hosting companies, we don't wait until a problem occurs to monitor and review the server. We constantly monitor and assess server performance to check that availability, speeds and accessibility are happening as they should at all times. This means that whenever any issue does occur - or threatens to occur - we are there and on hand to deal with it quickly.

Website and app optimisation

We can also review your digital assets to see where there are any areas of underperformance, identify fixes and implement these for you as required. This ensures that your website and any applications are always working as well as they should be.

Continuous improvement

We are a quality business with a real passion and flair for what we do. We also value our client relationships very highly and work hard to deliver value, constantly evolving and improving our service and offer to demonstrate the benefits in a measurable way.

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