Our reseller accounts are ideal for web designers to offer web hosting to your clients or if you have a few sites of your own to host. With a range of packages and the ability to upgrade and add extra features at any time, you can tailor a package to your needs. We offer Windows and Linux reseller accounts.

All accounts include a range of standard features including:

Full Control Panel access for you and your clients

Create your own custom packages

Supported Web Hosting

FTP and E-Mail for every domain

A range of scripting technologies to create rich dynamic websites

Access to our knowledgable support team to assist you with any problems

Drive additional sales from a reseller account…more

catalyst2 offer both Linux and Windows based hosting. If you’re going to be coding in ASP or ASP.NET, or using MS SQL, then a Windows account is probably the right choice. If you’re planning to use PHP and MySQL, then a Linux account would probably suit you better. If you’re not sure, then feel free to contact us. Free SSLs are included on all packages.

Our Reseller Plans

All prices are available monthly or yearly and are ex.VAT
Power ResellerPowerPlus ResellerPowerXtra Reseller
Monthly Price£41.99£55.99£83.99
Yearly Price£461.90£615.90£923.90
Hosted Domains50100150
Disk Space30GB40GB60GB
Data Transfer300GB500GB800GB
POP/IMAP E-mail2507502500
Database IncludedIncludedIncluded
High AvailabilityIncludedIncludedIncluded
catalyst2 promiseIncludedIncludedIncluded

Our reseller services include providing FTP and email access for every domain we provide, a wide range of scripting technologies so that you can create the best web sites and pages that you can. We have a wide range of servers to use, and will advise you on which server is the most useful for what you wish to do with your online presence.

What we offer

We can provide a complete site and hosting service to anyone who needs it, along with a number of other services. We can provide cyber security, disaster recovery, backups, server migrations, and server management when needed. We also offer simple consultancy when it is required – perhaps you don’t have need of server space, but instead need some guidance on how to work with your own ideas and websites.

Additionally, we provide everything from free migration to any number of add-ons. The only limits to the sites that we can provide for our clients is what they can pay for in terms of monthly and yearly hosting, and the server space they have access to.

Our service is extended to both Windows and Linux users; there is no obligation to be using a particular system to benefit from our services and expertise. However, there are separate advantages to both systems. If you as a customer wish to use ASP or ASP.NET for any coding, then a Windows system will likely be the best choice. On the other hand, a Linux system is better for anybody working with PHP and MySQL. This is something that we can advise you on if and when you choose to use our services.

Payment plans

Our site offers a wide range of payment options. It all depends on what you need from us, how you can pay us, and what is most convenient for you. Each plan has its own specifications of what people can get, including server space, memory, and more. Our site offers three distinct packages for people who are using the service: Power Reseller, PowerPlus Reseller, and PowerXtra REseller. These are then each split up into what monthly and yearly prices are, what they give in terms of host domains, disc transfer, whether or not databases and scripting are included, and more.

The choice of which package our clients should go with is obviously down to a number of factors. What they need the web hosting services for is obviously a big consideration – they may not need a higher package if the memory and disc space they receive in the first package is reasonable. They could also find, after talking to us, that they will need something more expensive than they had otherwise understood.

Our site has a complete breakdown of everything we have to offer, from payment plans to award systems, so come over to us and find out if you like what you see. We are more than happy to talk to anybody who has any questions about what we do.

More about our reseller hosting

Our reseller packages are perfect for the budding web designer, and each reseller hosting plan has been designed to help you complete your web design services. Many people will happily offer high-quality web design services to clients but lack the capacity to host the websites for a client afterwards. This means that your client might feel like they’ve been somewhat short-changed, since they come out of the transaction with all of the tools to get their website online, but nothing that they can send their customers or visitors to. Our reseller hosting packages are perfect for these situations and can help you to make your service complete.

Stable web hosting

The last thing that a reseller hosting a site needs is an unstable server. If your platform isn’t good enough to keep websites up consistently or struggles under a major load, clients might leave for a bigger service. Having low-end infrastructure is understandable – running a web hosting business alone would be a difficult and expensive task – but with our reseller hosting, you don’t need to risk losing these clients. catalyst2’s large scale infrastructure means that we are able to host websites of all sizes without worrying about capacity, helping you to host complex and essential websites on the behalf of your clients through our reseller hosting plans.

Grow as a web designer with reseller hosting

Our reseller hosting packages are designed to help you to grow and develop your web development skills as well as your web design business. Our basic package allows you to host up to 50 websites, so you have plenty of time to hone your skills and build up a large base of clients that you can rely on. From this point, our PowerPlus Reseller hosting package allows you to host up to 100 domains, with our PowerXtra reseller hosting plan allowing up to 150 domains.

By choosing catalyst2 and our great range of reseller hosting plans, you can grow your plan with your client base. Your web design business will be able to thrive in the long run, and our tools mean that you’ll be able to take your work to the next level.

What’s the perfect reseller hosting package?

When you’re presented with such a wealth of choice, it can be incredibly difficult to decide exactly which package is perfect for you. There are a few major factors to consider when picking the package which works best for you as a web reseller, including:


This is one of the simpler factors to consider. If you only have a dozen or so very simple websites to build and host, the “Power Reseller” hosting package is ideal thanks to its lower disk space and domain requirements. More sites, with more complex media requirements, will require one of the more expensive packages.


Email requirements are less likely to be an issue, but if you require too many POP/IMAP email accounts for the package you’re on, we recommend moving to the next package. This will stop any of your clients from having issues when it comes to emails and risking losing their custom.

Choose catalyst2 for reseller hosting

For your reseller hosting requirements, catalyst2 is the perfect platform. We offer quality and consistent hosting, and our expandable packages mean that you’ll be able to adapt your package to your clients’ needs. With our reseller hosting plans, you can rest assured that your web hosting is in good hands, and you can focus on building stunning sites for your clients.