Online Security

The security of any online presence is paramount, that’s why we provide these advanced security features with every server. Underpinning this is our ISO27001 certification.

Fortinet Firewall and IPS Protection

Our hosting network is protected by multiple clusters of high performance firewalls, working together to provide fast redundant firewalling for your server. These rules can be tailored to your specifications, preventing malicious access and filtering who can and can’t access your services. They also monitor all traffic to help block application level attacks, such as XSS attacks and security holes in common software. We update these rules on a daily basis. Fortinet are one of the market leaders in firewall and IPS technology.

Automated Security Patching

All our servers include managed automated security patching for any critical vulnerabilities, providing security against the most important security issues in the operating system without you having to lift a finger. On our Linux based servers we also use a technology to patch the system kernel without even needing a reboot, providing security and fantastic uptime simultaneously.

Physical Security

The catalyst2 hosting infrastructure is located within our own racks at the Telehouse datacentre in London, one of the UK’s premier hosting facilities. Protected by its own compound, 24 hour manned security, CCTV and access only by named personnel, we also ensure all racks are locked and secured to our own high standards.

Dedicated IP space and vLAN

Every customer gets their own vLAN, segregating your traffic from other customers on our network right up to our firewalls, ensuring your data cannot be snooped on or find its way to the wrong server.

24×7 Monitoring and Backups

Our offsite monitoring polls each server every 5 minutes, and alerts us to any anomalies it detects. Many hacks start with brute force attacks, which can send the resource usage on a server shooting upward. By being aware of these changes, we help prevent attacks before they become a problem. Our multiple layers of backups, both on and offsite, ensures that we always have a secure copy of your data, no matter what happens. To find out how we can help secure your online presence, give us a call on 0800 107 7979.

Automated Security Scanning

We are constantly scanning our network and servers to pick up any potential issues and to deal with them. If we spot anything wrong in terms of your application or code, we will get in touch to help you resolve them.

Anti Virus and Malware solutions

We offer a range of anti virus and malware solutions for all platforms. This includes real time scanning and scheduled scans. Please speak to your account manager who will be able to provide the options to you.