Being an ethical and eco-conscious company extends far beyond policies and good intentions.

There are numerous practical ways in which organisations can do their part in protecting our planet, and catalyst2 has made sure to embrace as many of those as possible.

Why does it matter so much to us to be climate / carbon positive and support the sustainability agenda?

Primarily out of a genuine concern for our environmental legacy as a contemporary business. However, social responsibility is a hallmark of good practice. It shows that we are a caring and aware employer, thinking through business processes with our eyes on the future, not just everyday firefighting.

Let’s explore more deeply the ways catalyst2 puts its beliefs and principles into practice.

Helping our clients to focus on their issues

One of the first things that the team at catalyst2 did was to ‘set our stall out’ and find achievable goals for our sustainability agenda. What can managed hosting providers do to play a role in ‘green’ issues?

Much of our work is designed around ‘clean’ tech, creating seamless and effortless web services for clients. We free up their resources and time to find leaner, cleaner ways they can do business.

Our own professional team already relies on the latest skills and equipment to practise energy efficiency and waste reduction.

So, to go beyond the basic principles of social responsibility and environmental support, we needed to find external projects to align ourselves to, as well as aiming to be a carbon positive company.

What does carbon / climate positive mean?

One of the most important shared global goals is to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

If you are carbon neutral (or carbon zero) as a company, it means you use renewable energy sources and the latest technology to balance your operational energy.

Some companies seek to go beyond this and become carbon positive. This involves going beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

catalyst2 offsets more carbon than it emits based on the analysis of data centre usage, offices and associated transportation of goods.

catalyst2 has invested in systems and processes to achieve this and to proudly add ‘carbon positive’ to our sustainability credentials.

Our Climate Positive Projects

If we only focused on what we do as a company to limit emissions and manage energy use, that still leaves many environmental priorities for others to address.

As we are proactive problem solvers and a company determined to make a difference, we are keen to be part of much wider solutions and activities. For this reason, we are active supporters of various climate positive projects.

This includes a conglomerate of worldwide organisations committed to a united front on these serious long term issues. These are companies who – like us – believe that what we do today and everyday matters, but also that we need to play our part in undoing the decades of damage to our environment.

catalyst2 is determined to play our part in finding solutions, rather than adding to problems. A goal which actually runs through much of what we do to create managed hosting services for companies of all sizes.

If you have any more queries, please feel free to get in touch with us.