AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the scalable public cloud solution from Amazon and Azure is the scalable public cloud from Microsoft. At catalyst2, we provide the skill set to help you setup, manage, monitor, maintain and grow your AWS or Azure solution. We fully manage instances so you can get the most out of them with the least amount of hassle.

Solution architecture

Full Management

Managed Servers

Securing, backing up and monitoring

Scaling your infrastructure

24/7 Support to UK engineers

Reliable Servers

Providing a hassle free solution

Optimising your solution

Migrating to or from AWS and Azure

Amazon and Azure offer unmanaged solutions within its on-demand cloud platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provides solutions to a range of organisations – including private and public sector ones – and also to individuals.

catalyst2 can provide the vital managed service for an AWS infrastructure to ensure you have a secure and reliable solution.

Finding your way around AWS and Azure is not always straight forward though. Particularly as the range of services it incorporates is expanding quickly. That is why catalyst2 managed hosting has developed a specialist service to enable companies to maximise its potential.

We know these platforms inside out, but we also know that the true merits of any computer platform can only be measured by how it is configured, applied and maintained.

One of the benefits of using us to provide and oversee AWS management systems, is that you don’t have to get bogged down with the details. Your organisation can simply enjoy the benefits, while we do much of the hosting work behind the scenes. This includes creating backups of databases, for the ultimate peace of mind.

AWS and Azure solution architecture

It all starts with ensuring that AWS is set up to meet your specific business goals. What services provide enterprise-wide and scalable solutions that enable the end user to be leaner and more agile in its computer systems? catalyst2 has the knowledge and insights to create a set of computer services that provide what you need, without over complicating things.

Also, sometimes publicly available solutions can too easily become “off the shelf” solutions. Having a system that you have to work around, is not ideal. You need AWS configured as closely to your requirements as possible to reap maximum benefit.

Incidentally, catalyst2 can also support you in migrating from AWS to an alternative platform.

Optimising your AWS solutions

We can apply our advanced technical skills and experience to design dynamic but reliable – and fault-tolerant – applications of AWS. This includes migrating multi-tiered or complex applications to the appropriate AWS cloud platform.

All of this ensures that AWS migration and management is carefully cost controlled.

Managing AWS

Are you already using AWS, but only skimming the surface of its capabilities? catalyst2 can work in partnership with you, to keep systems working hard for your business and growing with you.

Scaling your AWS infrastructure

If an organisation is changing and growing, how can AWS respond and adapt to that? catalyst2 is in demand from organisations who want expert help in monitoring, measuring and updating AWS management.

We can also ensure that you keep pace with the rapid rate at which AWS issues updates, new services and additional features.

Securing, backing up and monitoring

The weight of responsibility on companies to manage and control data is heavier than ever with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Plus, the way we gather and use data is growing exponentially as connectivity and analytics powers increase.

One of the most vital services we provide, is ensuring that AWS is working the way it should in back ups. Is your data truly secure and is the system being monitored sufficiently well to keep you compliant but also keep the business on firm ground?

24/7 support and hassle free solutions

Modern businesses need to be 100% sure that computer systems are running efficiently and effectively around the clock – even when priorities take management attention elsewhere.

catalyst2 can provide the ultimate assurance that your AWS management systems won’t let you down. Our services cover you 24/7, leaving you free to concentrate on front facing business activities and profitable growth.

Need to know more? Contact us at catalyst2 for an exceptional service in harnessing AWS to match your specific requirements.

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