When it comes to running a modern business, your website is a big deal. Not only does it help to market your services online to customers but it also allows you to engage with them and get involved with e-commerce. As the nature of business becomes ever more digital, websites will continue to prove invaluable to all businesses.

Here at catalyst2, we understand what a crucial role your website plays. We also understand how essential it is to keep it and the data found inside secure. With 43% of UK businesses reporting a cyber-attack or breach in recent years, it is crucial to do all you can to protect your site from hackers.

Protect yourself with our Managed Web Application Firewall service

To help keep your website and sensitive data inside safe, our Managed Web Application Firewall service (WAF) is hard to beat. It offers a highly effective way to detect malicious attacks and helps to prevent any from causing damage.

Here are the specific features you can look forward to getting with this service:

Malicious traffic blocked

Our Managed Firewall service will provide the best gateway protection to you online. Our cutting-edge Firewall technology will actively search for malicious traffic that is trying to gain entry to your website. Once identified, this suspicious traffic will be blocked.

Intrusion detection system

Our amazing IDS tools help to monitor and protect your website by keeping an eye on the web traffic you experience. We will take on the responsibility of filtering your network traffic and making sure any unauthorised activity is blocked.

DDoS attack mitigation

Distributed denial of service attacks can be a big problem if your business is the target of one. The DDoS attack mitigation we provide helps to not only detect the build-up of traffic which could signal a problem but also filters it to resolve.

Brute force protection

This consists of hackers using automated software to guess passwords and access networks. Our Managed Firewall service sees us keep your business safe from these attacks and detect any that occur at the source.

Help to block hack attempts

The Firewall that we will manage for you has the latest features to keep any general attempts to hack your website at bay. It will not only help to monitor web traffic and IP addresses but also provide a firm barrier to keep hackers out.

Prevent zero-day exploits

Zero-day exploits try to take advantage of previously unknown security vulnerabilities in your website, on the same day they are discovered. Our effective Web Application Firewall service helps to prevent this from happening and stops hackers attempting to exploit any unknown vulnerabilities.

Heuristic correlation engine

AI and machine learning are vital to the future of online security. Our managed solution makes use of machine learning to spot malicious behaviour across the whole of our network.

CDN included

As part of our Managed WAF solution, we include a Content Delivery Network solution. A CDN ensures faster delivery of static assets e.g. images / videos by having them on web servers across the world.

What benefits does a Managed Firewall Web Application service deliver?

Now you know what you get with this service from catalyst2, you may wonder what exact benefits this will deliver to your business. The major ones are:

– total protection of brand reputation
– reduced risk of financial loss due to malicious activity
– reduced chance of website being blacklisted if attacked
– more stable and secure website
– reduction in time spent dealing with website security issues

Along with the above fabulous advantages, this service also includes load balancing and monthly reporting. This allows you to see exactly what has been happening during the previous month and if there are any common issues to resolve for the future.

Contact catalyst2 today for more details

If you want to find a way to keep your website fully secure from online crime, then get in touch today. Our Web Application Firewall service is fully managed, so you do not have to worry about it. From just £49 per month, you get all the wonderful features which an effective managed website Firewall brings. Our team are based in the UK and available on the freephone number of 0800 107 7979 should you ever need our help.

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