Last updated: 21 April 2021

Reseller hosting is a great option if you want to host multiple accounts. It is particularly suitable for web designers who want to offer hosting to their clients.

This knowledgebase section focuses on WHM and cPanel, which is the hosting control panel we use on Linux servers. If you are using ASP or ASP.NET, we also offer Windows / Plesk reseller plans.

Why reseller hosting

You have a few options if you want to host multiple websites. The first is to buy separate hosting packages for individual domains. This is a sensible approach, but it can be relatively expensive. To illustrate, ten Mega Plus hosting plans cost just under £300 per year. Each account has 1GB of disk space, so that gives you 10GB in total. The Power Reseller plan costs less (£250 per year) and gives you 20GB of space.

Another option is to have a single cPanel account with addon domains. For instance, our Power Extra plan lets you host up to ten domains on a single cPanel account for only £130 per year. The main limitation is disk space: the plan has only 8GB of space. Also, having lots of domains under a single cPanel account has its limitation. For instance, your customers won’t be able to access cPanel, unless you give them access to everything.

In addition, reseller hosting gives you more flexibility. You can create your own hosting packages, with their own resource limits. If you want you can create email-only or file-sharing plans. It’s completely up to you. There is even the option to add your own branding.

And of course, you can sell the hosting packages. This is what makes reseller hosting an attractive option for web designers. You can host your customer’s websites and have full control over the hosting plan.

VPS hosting

Another option worth mentioning is VPS hosting. The main difference here is that VPS hosting gives you more control over the server configuration. A VPS has its own IP address and it doesn’t share resources with other accounts on a server. You also get SSH access, which we don’t offer for our reseller plans. In short, a VPS is ideal if configurability is a priority.

Managed hosting

Whichever hosting plan you choose, we are here to help. If you have not used WHM before then we can we can talk you through the most important options and settings. We can migrate websites and email accounts to your new account, free of charge. If you get stuck with something we are just a phone call or online chat away. And of course we monitor your server 24/7 and take nightly backups of your entire account.

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