21 April 2021

WHM has a few options to customise the cPanel interface under cPanel » Customization. This is mainly useful if you want to add your own branding.

Adding branding

The interface has three tabs. The Customize Branding tab contains the most options. Among others, it lets you replace the text cPanel in the top-left corner with your company name (or any other text).

Customising cPanel.
Image: WHM has some basic options for customising cPanel accounts.

Changing the default “cPanel” text is a quick and easy way to personalise your cPanel accounts. The text uses the same font as the default cPanel text, which means it will always look presentable, regardless of what theme a user selects.

You can replace the cPanel logo in the header. This image shows custom text in the default, light and dark theme.
Image: my company name (Examples Rock!) in the default, light and dark cPanel theme.

You can instead replace the text with a logo. The main thing to bear in mind is that the logo might look out of place if your users change the default cPanel theme. For instance, your logo might blend in perfectly with the default theme but look out of place in the dark theme. The same is true for the logo on the login page for web mail.

The help and documentation links are shown in the footer of cPanel. If you have your own help and/or documentation pages then you can change the links. Changing the links does not replace the help links shown at the top of various cPanel pages.

The next tab is Customize Style. Here you can pick the default cPanel theme, and you also upload your own theme.

And finally, the Public Contact tab lets you add your company name and URL. These details are shown on any “account suspended” and “default webpage”.

The account suspended page, with
Image: cPanel’s “account suspended” page. The “contact your hosting provider” uses the URL entered on the Public Contact tab.

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