If you would like to use osCommerce to power your online shop, catalyst2 offers a comprehensive and effective hosting solution. Our managed servers are optimised to ensure your experience, and that of your customers, is smooth, trouble-free and enjoyable. We also go all out to ensure your osCommerce site is well-supported and safer than you’ll find anywhere else.

OsCommerce is a fully-featured, scalable open-source solution for providing an online shop. It is based on a combination of PHP and MySQL and provides an ‘out-of-the-box’ tool for eCommerce businesses. One particular bonus is that the software is open source, and is constantly developed and enhanced by creative and proactive programmers. Once you install the software into your hosting package, it’s easy to design and construct your online store in your browser.

At catalyst2, our osCommerce integration lets you quickly and easily set up your online store using a click-and-build system. That includes product and category pages, pictures, shop functions, videos and anything else you want to incorporate. We make it easy to take full advantage of everything osCommerce has to offer.

Benefits of osCommerce

  • An easy solution for online stores: By using osCommerce, you get the advantage of an online store system that is used all over the globe, offering all the essentials for a personal web shop and making everything swift, simple and available in multiple languages.
  • Numerous functions: You choose everything about the aesthetics and functionality of your store. With 7,000+ extensions available, designing a unique, personalised store couldn’t be easier. What’s more, you can always utilise the community forums for tips and advice about the software.
  • Peace of mind with catalyst2: With osCommerce hosting from catalyst2, you can easily install the software and jump straight into building your store. Our managed servers guarantee 100% uptime and maximum security, with updates and maintenance always at your fingertips. If you ever have any questions about your hosting or installation, we are just a phone call away, and our friendly team are happy to assist.

A solution with diversity

osCommerce is rich with features that offer the diversity to make the process of designing your store easy. Choose from a wide range of built-in osCommerce templates to get the desired aesthetic for your brand. A multitude of example stores demonstrate the potential of this powerful solution. You can make use of the osCommerce designs for an unlimited number of category and product pages, and integrate helpful features like payment methods, shipping costs, product ratings/reviews and email marketing.

OsCommerce gives you everything you need to establish a fully-featured online store that delivers a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. As a user-friendly, flexible e-commerce system, osCommerce is precision-tailored for online store providers.

Superior hosting

With catalyst2, you can choose from a selection of hosting packages for your osCommerce-powered online store. Our packages use managed servers that allow easy integration of osCommerce into your e-commerce project. The amount of RAM and storage in your chosen plan should depend on the needs of your online store, and we can assist if you are having difficulties deciding on the right package for you. With catalyst2, you get easy installation, 100% uptime and potent security for your online store(s), enabling you to jump straight in and start selling.

All servers at catalyst2 are provided by Dell, with whom we have been working for 10+ years and developed a strong working relationship. We know their hardware, and they know our business, so together we are able to offer an extremely high level of service. We chose Dell for the reliability of their servers, and we aim to pass that reliability on to our customers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.