Drupal is a content management system. It does the job of making your website work, and makes sure that your users see the content you want to show them, in the way you want them to see it. As one of the leading CMS packages on the internet, Drupal offers:

• Content Authoring. A user-friendly, creative editor is included in every Drupal installation to help you create compelling content for your users.
• Reliability. Drupal has been designed from the ground up to be one of the most reliable CMS systems available, with regular feature and reliability updates.
• Flexibility. Drupal is a modular system, allowing you the versatility to create dynamic, well structures online experiences.
• Security. Unlike other CMS systems, Drupal is secure by design, implementing industry best practices to keep your site, and your customers, secure.Who uses Drupal?

Drupal is the content management system of choice for many of the biggest, most high-profile companies and organisations around the world. From the website of The White House, to the platform powering NBC, the BBC, and MTV, as well as leading public organisations including Amnesty International and Oxford University, there is no task too challenging or application too advanced.

Take a look at Drupal’s Case Studies to find out just what the platform can do for you.

Drupal Hosting at catalyst2

All our Drupal hosting packages include these great features:

• Thousands of themes, extensions, and customisations. Because Drupal is so flexible, you have the freedom to make it look however you want, and do whatever you need. What’s more, our dedicated support team are here 24/7 to help you along the way.
• Reliability. At catalyst2, we don’t just offer an uptime guarantee, we’ve got the evidence to prove it. Since 2007, we’ve achieved 99.997% uptime, easily one of the best in the industry.
• Value for money. With web hosting packages starting from just £11.99 a year (yes, that’s less than £12 a year!) we can get you or your business online on even the smallest budget.
• Your own domain name. We can register and set up your choice of domain name, whatever it may be, to help your site become more memorable and make it easier to find on search engines like Google.
• Free migration from your existing provider. If you’re thinking of moving to catalyst2 from your existing provider, but worried about the switch, don’t be. As one of the UK’s leading hosting companies, our expert team will handle the entire process for you and have your site up and running on our servers in no time at all.

Our Promise

At catalyst2, we do things a little differently, and promise that we’ll always do everything we can to do the best for you, our customers.

• We offer all our new customers a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy within a month of signing-up, just email and you’ll get back every penny you paid.
• For shared-hosting customers, we promise that we will reply to your support tickets and emails in 30 minutes or less (within working hours, of course).
• If you’re a dedicated hosting customer, we promise a maximum 5-minute response time, no matter what time of day – or night! – if you need us.

Our dedicated, friendly support team are all – like everything else we do – based right here in the UK. So, you never need to worry about time zones, language barriers, or dodgy phone connections halfway around the world. Plus, we won’t baffle you with technical terms and jargon – we’re proud that we taught our mums how to email!

Everything we do is about offering a reliable, great value, worry-free service.