Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly popular topic over the years, after all, almost every business either operates online or has an online presence. One of the most notable presences is through a website, however, not all website owners are aware of the latest approaches that can help with cybersecurity and keeping their website secure.

Fortunately, the team at Catalyst2, one of the UK’s most recognisable web hosting providers is fully aware of the latest measures security measures, and their very first suggestion begins with installing an SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?

Abbreviated for Secure Socket Layer, SSL certificates are one of the very best approaches to secure websites. Its primary purpose is to encrypt data, between the web server and the web browser, which will make sure that all data and information going between the two is inaccessible to the public and can’t be hacked.

Why SSL certificates are important

  • Keeps your website safe and secure

As mentioned above, the primary aim of the SSL certificate is to keep the website safe and secure for all those that visit. Failing to install a certificate can result in leaving your website prone to security breaches such as hacking, where the hacker will have the opportunity to obtain personal and private data from the website and its visitors.

  • Customers will feel more trust

When you visit a website, one of the very first things you will recognise in the HTTP at the start of the URL, however, if it simply says HTTP they are far less likely to trust that link compared to HTTPS domains, which are secure.

Especially online, you can’t be too careful about where your personal information gets to, though with an SSL certificate, you have a better idea as it’s far less likely that your data will reach outside of the web host and server.

Additionally, customers will also feel much more trust in a business if they are willing to purchase the certificate, as it shows they care about their website’s security, and its customers.

  • Increases search ranking

Security is becoming an increasingly important part of a website’s reputation, additionally, Google is making this known. As part of their ranking signals, they have made it clear that HTTPS will become increasingly more important in order to increase rankings, which is why now is one of the most important times to obtain an SSL certificate before your competitor’s websites rank before yours.

How can Catalyst2 help you?

If you now appreciate the importance of needing an SSL Certificate for your website, then why not head over to the Catalyst2 website today? Not only do we provide 4 different types of SSL, but all of our website hosting packages also include SSL as standard.

For those that have any enquiries about our services, then we suggest calling us today on 0800 107 7979. By doing so, you can speak to one of our friendly consultants who will be more than happy to confer about your specific hosting needs, where our team can then recommend the most suitable options available.