If your company relies heavily on your website, then it’s key that your web hosting is dependable and reliable in similarity.

In order for you to gain a better understanding of why dedicated hosting is vital, the skilled team at catalyst2 have united their expertise and experience within the industry so that we can present this guide that has been designed to inform you on the importance of server hosting.

What is server hosting?

For a business to be able to post a website or web page online, they require a web host to allow the site to be seen on the internet. All websites are then hosted or stored within a server, which then allows users to find and view the site at any time or date that the server is operational.

There are various server management styles available, as well as different hosting plans from a significant number of providers, which is why it’s key to also identify and choose the most suitable provider that meets your specific needs. 

VPS and shared hosting

There are a number of different management levels available, with the most supported being dedicated hosting, however, there are also two other options which are VPS and shared. 

  • Shared hosting 

This is the basic level of web hosting services, as they use a single server to manage several websites, meaning resources and power is distributed across all of these businesses. Although this may be ideal for smaller businesses that don’t expect a wealth of traffic, shared hosting may not be as fast as a dedicated server or VPS.

  • VPS 

Short for ‘virtual private server’, a VPS begins to allow businesses to experience the assurance of a dedicated server that whilst still using shared hosting privileges. These websites will now have larger portions of space and overall control compared to just a shared web hosting plan. 

  • Dedicated server hosting

Unlike the other two web hosting packages, you will have full control and access to the whole website, server resources and dedicated server as no other website will be assigned to your server. The only shortcoming of implementing dedicated servers are the costs, though this should be considered as an investment for the return of secure, fully managed and operational web hosting. 


With an increase in cybersecurity offences year on year, it’s vital for businesses to look into increasing their security levels, and with a dedicated server, they can do just that. Most modern servers should now include next-generation firewalls, web-app security, DDoS protection, intrusion prevention and malware & virus prevention. This is in addition to the standard SSL certificates, spam filtering and dedicated IP addresses that your provider should implement regardless of the type of server you use. 

Administrator access

You will also have full access to the whole server, enabling you to enter the control panel for the server and its applications. This will enable you to customise the server and adjust the settings for your advantage if you want or as all our servers are managed, we can do it for you. Developers can then also access all of the raw log files, which can be used to view who has access the website, their activities and their origin to get on the website. 


Many dedicated servers are now based in large, secure and power stable facilities to ensure businesses that their websites will remain online and operational continuously, without any glitches or errors. Modern servers are also now installed with a redundant power supply so that your server and website will continue to run successfully without the loss of data even if the facilities or your business experiences power issues. 

Technical support

With a dedicated server plan, you will also be entitled to a wealth of technical support, assistance and help when needed. Traditionally this will be available via live chat, email or over the phone, where your provider should be available 24/7 in order to guarantee that you are fully supported regardless of the time. 


If you are now interested in conferring with one of the highest-rated dedicated server host providers in the UK, look no further than the experts, catalyst2. With various packages available, we are certain to have a plan that suits your criteria as well as fitting within your set budget. 

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