For a business to have an online presence, they will first need to own a website, but they will also need to have web hosting to keep the website online. However, when looking for website hosting, you will recognise that there are various different options available, with the three most popular options including dedicated, shared and reseller hosting.

What is reseller hosting?

A reseller account allows you to buy a chunk of space and then create your own hosting packages and then carve it up into separate customer accounts underneath your main reseller account. You can price up the hosting packages you sell however you want and completely whitelabel the service. You provide the first level of support to your customers however your hosting company will always be there to provide support to you.

Benefits of reseller hosting 

  • Little maintenance

Many resellers often obtain a managed dedicated server or managed shared hosting to use for their smaller packages, which can then impact on the lack of maintenance that will need to be carried out by them. Primarily this falls upon the initial web host who is leasing out the hosting plan, meaning they will take care of all the maintenance work that will be required.

  • Less expensive

Compared to the alternatives, reseller hosting is often much cheaper compared to alternative options. This is because you are not purchasing a whole server, nor renting a whole service yourself, instead, they are often much cheaper to lease for a considerable amount of resources you can obtain.

  • Design your own hosting plan

This benefit is fundamentally aimed towards the resellers who are looking to purchase and sell these hosting plans. As a result, you can then design your own hosting plan with its selective features which target your specific target market and their requirements, compared to alternative plans which are very generic towards.

  • An increase in features

It’s likely that you will have access to more features through large reseller packages from providers. A few worth mentioning include customisable DNS and white labelling, all of which are vital for providers who are now looking to start a business within reseller hosting.

Speak to the experts

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