Ever wondered what the little padlock in your browser means? Wonder no more!

SSL (Secure Socket layer) encrypts information being sent between your web browser and the server your site is hosted on, helping protect it from prying eyes over the internet. It’s a must have if you are taking any sensitive information on your website, from personal details to credit card numbers.

All the hard work is done by your host, you simply need to reference your pages (or update your application) using https:// rather than http:// (the “s” is for secure). Many certificates also include an image or link you can place on your site to show you use an SSL certificate (also called a site seal). Some more advanced certificates also set your address bar green to show the connection is secure – these are called Extended Validation (EV) certificates and are great to reassure customers using more modern browsers such as IE8 and Firefox 3.

Here at catalyst2 we look after everything for you, from requesting the certificate to testing it works on your site, our partnership with Verisign means we only offer the most widely accepted certificates. All the details are at https://www.catalyst2.com/security/ssl

As always our team are here to help if you aren’t sure which is for you!