With 22% of the top 10 million visited sites being built in WordPress, there is no doubt that WordPress is a popular platform and where there is a popular platform, it is an attractive target for hackers, script kiddies and the other unsavoury characters on the internet.

We see attacks on WordPress sites all too often and the thing is that with a few easy to install plugins, you can prevent these issues, make your site more secure and ensure your site runs as smoothly as possible.

HC Custom WP-Admin URL – This plugin is a great start, it very simply renames the /wp-admin folder to something else e.g. /something-no-one-will-ever-guess. This remarkably simple thing makes a massive difference as often the unsavoury types are just hammering away at the admin area trying to get. If they can’t find the admin area then they will likely go somewhere else.

Wordfence Security – This plugin is very comprehensive and allows for some very granular settings around security on your site. For example, it checks the source code of the site against the official WordPress source code. It scans your site to check everything is ok and there is nothing dodgy installed. It includes a variety of login protection features and much more.

These two plugins will do a huge amount to help but if you are interested in reading more on this topic, you can see more at the wpbeginner site.