Cyber EssentialsHere at catalyst2 we’re more than happy to announce that we’ve secured the Cyber Essentials Certification.

A government-backed accreditation scheme launched in 2012, the program was aimed at encouraging organisations such as our own to consider how well they were managing their cyber risks, while also laying down some basic controls that all businesses should implement.

Being able to put your name next to the certification means that you have a focused set of controls in place to keep your customer’s data and your own safe. As such, with this accreditation we’re able to demonstrate what we’ve been proving for years: that our systems are tight, reliable and secure enough to cater for our clients’ needs.

More specifically, we can also show off our credentials in the five key areas that the Cyber Essentials program focuses on, which include:

Boundary firewalls and internet gateways. These essentially act as blockades that stop unauthorised people from gaining access to our private networks.

Secure configuration. This means that all of our systems are set up in a way that keeps all the information within them as secure as can be.

Access control. An overarching term that covers the way in which our systems can only be accessed by us.

Malware protection. Ensuring that programs which stop viruses, malware, trojan horses and all the other horrible stuff on the internet are up to date.

Patch management. Making sure that we have the latest versions of all our applications and that any patches they need to run have been applied.

We’re glad to say that we can not only claim to have all this under control, but that we’ve now had it officially rubber-stamped, too.

Ever since setting up in January 2000 we’ve strived for high standards and impressive results. With 99.997% network uptime since May 2007, a “very good” score on our speed by and a host of other accolades, we have been able to achieve this so far. Being awarded this latest accreditation is a further honour to add to the list, and one that we’re very proud to receive.