phoneboxAfter the recent results of the referendum held in the United Kingdom regarding membership of the European Union, we have seen instability in the markets and the make-up of government itself which has led, understandably, to economic uncertainty and in some respects a degree of panic. In many areas, it is unclear how the decision to leave the EU will affect everyday life, but it’s clear that change will inevitably come about due to the choice of the public.

Brexit may have a knock-on effect on some regarding the internet, specifically if you’re an owner of a website hosted from abroad, particularly in Europe. This is why catalyst2 should be your first choice for your web hosting needs. All of our award winning service is maintained and operated from within the United Kingdom. This means that all of our – and your – data is stored in the UK. This means that, even tumultuous events such as Brexit, won’t lead to your important data being compromised. In addition to this, all of our award-winning customer support is also based in the United Kingdom.

Currently all of the consequences remain unknown due to the current climate of political and economic instability but at catalyst2 you can rest assured your data is safe and secure. Your data will stay protected not only by our advanced security but also by the UK and EU law, although Brexit may mean that the new European data protection rules for the internet may not come into effect in the United Kingdom. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for business owners, as some experts have suggested the new EU data protection rules may double the cost of doing business in the European Union. This may benefit some businesses who are hosted from solely within the United Kingdom, as UK law will, of course, still legislate for data protection.

To reassure our customers, we are sure that the vote to Leave the EU will have little to no impact on your data. For customers who are worried about this result and the knock-on effect it may have on their website, hosting and data we would encourage you to get in touch with us today so that we can help you consider your options and explain in more detail exactly the advantages of deciding to use catalyst2 as your UK based web hosting solution.