Whether you are creating a brand new website or expanding your current one, you’ll have a long list of items to consider. There will be content requirements; design features; integrated tools or software; maybe an e-commerce store, but will you have researched your hosting needs?

As a website grows, so does the need for resources to run it efficiently and reliably. You probably have a lot more visitors than you did when you started, the site is a lot larger, or you’re wanting to add extra features to benefit the customers’ using the site.

All of these things need resources; more data storage, more bandwidth, software support or even something as simple as the number of email addresses you can have in the business.

There are a few questions for you to think about before choosing where to host your site:

1. Where are you actually going to get the server from?
2. Will it be dedicated or shared?
3. Who will manage the server?
4. What about backing up the server?
5. Whose job will it be to monitor it?
6. Will your data be safe?

Fortunately, something called High Touch Hosting exists to solve all of these problems. Best of all, it’s not you that has to be hands-on with the server either. High Touch Hosting is a fully managed service, leaving you to get on with your daily business, safe in the knowledge you have an expert team managing your sites hosting needs.

What does managed hosting offer?

A managed server is provided for you; it’s managed for you; it’s backed up for you; monitored to make sure it’s performing as it should and, most importantly for many, it’s security is managed for you.

Having a hosting provider that can fully manage your server takes a huge burden off of your IT or development team, whilst having experienced server security experts making sure that your data stays away from prying eyes.

Your team can focus on providing customer focused tools, maintaining a reliable office for your employees, and moving the business forward safe in the knowledge that there is a dedicated team behind you taking care of everything else.

More than just supplying hardware

Of course, it’s essential that you have support available when you need it, but it’s even more important to have advice and assistance available too. You don’t just want to raise a support ticket for an error, you want to have a conversation about the best way to manage your website going forward. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated support team assigned to your server, so you get to know the people looking after you, just like part of your own team.

That’s why our Managed Hosting + service is so highly rated by our clients. We can help you with applications, code issues and even when dealing with third parties if needed. Whether is bespoke applications created specifically for you, or a third party tool you need to integrate; you’ll have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal.

Migration of an existing site isn’t a problem either, we’ll work with you to manage that. We’ll even help you optimise your site and apps to work perfectly with the server, so that any changes pass off smoothly.

No sleeping partner here

At catalyst2 we believe strongly in proactive support, proactive maintenance and continual improvement to all of our managed clients.

We fix issues for our client sites before they even become a problem, and regularly maintain our servers for maximum efficiency. Add to that a thirst for improvement, a ‘never rest’ attitude and our promise to every client, it’s no wonder our Managed Hosting+ customers are so impressed.