cPanelFounded in 1997, cPanel is thought to be used in over 70 countries globally and is one of the most popular control panels around for managing web hosting. Recent news announced by the company though has seen price rises implemented for customers. New licenses renewed or purchased from now on are subject to this new pricing structure. Those who pay monthly for licenses currently have until 1st September 2019 before it applies to them.

cPanel price increases explained

All web hosting businesses who currently use cPanel are now facing higher costs moving forward. The first change for businesses who use cPanel backed web hosting lies around the removal of annual licenses. These will instead all now be amended to monthly billing when they are due for renewal.

Before this change, cPanel had three tiers of accounts. cPanel solo came in at $180 per year in total, WHM VPS and cPanel was $200 per year while a dedicated hosting option was $425 per year. This has now changed to Admin, Pro and Premier accounts moving forward. Admin will come to $240 per year, Pro will be $360 per year while Premier will add up to $540 annually.

cPanel has also applied an upper account limit to the Premier account. This will see companies with lots of cPanel users incur extra costs. Once a company has over 100 cPanel accounts under these new rules, an additional $0.20 per month will be charged.

Big web hosting businesses affected

Although there might be benefits for those with a lower number of cPanel accounts, it is larger providers that will be hit most. This can already be seen by looking at what those within the web hosting sector are reporting. One company stated that the new changes would see an 800% increase in what it would be charged by cPanel. The good news for customers is that this may not automatically mean a rise in the prices they are charged as a result. Many web hosting companies are simply planning to review their arrangements around control panels moving into the future.

catalyst2 to review control panel arrangements

Naturally, this latest news from cPanel is something we have to take on-board too. We plan to review our offering around control panels moving forward in order to offer the best service to our customers. If you have any questions or queries about this, get in touch today so we can help.