Whenever you’re creating a website, there are lots of different things you will need to consider to ensure that everything is exactly as you’d hoped. It is fair to say that one of the most important things you should think about is your domain name and choosing the right name is absolutely essential. Many people are unaware that when picking and buying a domain name, you also have control over the domain name extension/ending too. 

Without even realising, many people will automatically assume that all domain names end in the most common options, such as .com or .uk but, this isn’t actually the case. There are many different alternatives available and it is important to choose the correct ending for your individual web address. If you’re looking to buy a domain name and you’d like some assistance choosing the right domain name extension/ending, keep reading today. 

Different types of domain name endings


As mentioned above, lots of people are unaware that there are more than just as a handful of domain name endings to choose from. Whilst in the early days of the internet you may have only been able to choose from common endings, such as .com, nowadays, you have much more versatility in this regard. 

It is beneficial to be aware of the other types of endings you can choose from when buying a domain name as they may be a great choice for you. All of the endings available fall into different categories and this is the best way to distinguish between the available options. Below are the three main categories everyone should be aware of; 

  • TLD (Top Level Domains) – These are the most common endings and they include things like .com, .net and .org.
  • ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains) – These are specific to a certain country, for example, .fr for France. 
  • gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) – These are also fairly common but include endings like .info, .gov and .biz too. 

These days, there are dozens of different options that fall into these categories but, knowing about TLD will definitely help when you’re buying a domain name. 

Choosing the right ending for your domain 

Whilst it may seem daunting, having such a vast selection of domain name endings to choose from gives you more opportunity to create a meaningful and also memorable domain name. When deciding which domain ending to choose, consider these 5 things; 

  • Branding – You should ensure that you buy a domain name ending that is in line with your branding. The website address is usually the first thing that people see so, you want to ensure it gives off the best possible first impression. 
  • Fit for purpose – As well as being on brand, ensure that the domain name ending is fit for your purpose of being online. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose .fr if you work in the UK or .me if you’re a business. 
  • Availability – Of course, you can’t have the same domain as someone else so, if the domain name you like is taken, consider other ending options that might work. Sometimes there is a better solution available that allows you to keep the name. 
  • Memorability – It is so important that your domain name is memorable, after all, you want people to frequently visit your site. Think about whether a specific domain name ending makes the overall domain more memorable.
  • Multiple domains – You are actually able to buy and register more than one domain so it may be worth considering whether you should choose more than one ending. For example, if you can get .com and .biz with the same domain name, register both. 

The decision you make will be specific to your website, so take some time to think about your options. It is important to note that your domain name ending won’t affect your search presence or SEO. In the eyes of search engines, all TLDs are equal so don’t worry in this regard. 

Buying your domain name

Hopefully, you will now know more about domain name endings and when you buy your domain name you can ensure that you take the ending into account too. To check the availability of the domain you’d like, visit the catalyst2 website today. As you’d expect from a good domain registrar, here at catalyst2 we have an inbuilt domain checker where you can easily check the availability of the domains that you’re interested in. 

Once you’re settled on the domain name you’d like and it is available for you to use, you can also go ahead and buy the domain name on our site too. We pride ourselves on making this process incredibly easy and if you need any assistance at all, our friendly support team is here to help. Unlike some domain registration sites, catalyst2’s domain registrations have no transfer-out fees and no lock-in contracts too, so don’t go elsewhere to register your domain.