Throughout the year, we all work incredibly hard to try and deliver you the best possible service and we are continually looking at ways to improve the service we provide you. Whilst we welcome your feedback at any time, every November we send out our annual survey to gather some formal results.  We have run the survey now for the past eight years. This year has been another great year, showing our continued commitment to providing excellent service and support across the board.

Let’s take a look at those numbers:

Overall Experience – 97.30% rated us Good or Excellent

Even on its own, this is a very pleasing result of nearly 100% customer satisfaction. Last year’s record breaking 98.40% was always going to be hard to beat, so keeping this close has us all very proud. Let’s see how that experience breaks down:

Support – 97.60% rated us Good or Excellent

We pride ourselves in our support team and know they are second to none at providing our clients with the best in personal attention and solid experience.

Value – 94.80% rated us Good or Excellent

Time to break another record, with our value score climbing ever higher. We strive to remain competitive in a busy marketplace, and this result shows that we are doing the right things when it comes to pricing and service.

Personal Recommendation – 66.10%

Another excellent result, and again the best in eight years of survey data. Ultimately, we are not a company that is all about big marketing budgets but we are about providing a great service and ensuring loyal customers who then tell other people. The fact that 66% of all customers have come through us through that alone is fantastic.

Net Promoter Score of 69

What does that Net Promoter Score mean? It is a score calculated based off how likely customers are to recommend us. Thus showing a level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. 69 is a great score and any company (ours included) would be very proud to have a score above 50. It is very gratifying to see how so many of our clients would take the time out to recommend our services. For this we can only thank you and promise to keep our end of that unwritten bargain – we won’t let you down, or the new customers you bring.

So that’s it – another good year for our entire team. As with all these things, it wouldn’t be possible for us to attain such heights without your constant feedback and comments, so thank you, and please do let us know if there’s anything more we could be doing.

You can see the results in full here.