Being a company in the modern era can be extremely difficult – there are countless obstacles which must be navigated, some easier than others. With the evolution which has taken place in the field of technology, more-and-more firms are having to adapt and conform to the online revolution. This is evident when you observe the changes that have taken place in relation to emailing; this is a fantastic way in which to communicate with not only other corporations, but also clients.

As a business, the potential benefits are seemingly endless by working with a dedicated email hosting provider. Here at catalyst2, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of business email hosting in the country. If you want to hear our thoughts on why it is a wise investment, we ask that you continue your reading below.

What is email hosting?

Whilst the name may suggest the service to be fairly complex, the fact of the matter is that email hosting is relatively straight forward. Should you, for example, have recently registered a domain for your firm, and subsequently wish for this to be incorporated into your email address, it is necessary to solicit an email hosting service. However, the service itself can incorporate various other elements, which you can find out more about below.

For anyone that has been active within the world of business for a prolonged period of time, it will come as no surprise to hear that email is an integral tool that contributes towards being a successful company. You will be hard-pressed to source a more efficient-and effective way in which to converse with either your clients, or third-party organisations. It is for this reason that it is important to choose a hosting company which understands the necessity of emailing, and is able to provide you with a service that is not only fast, but secure.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is conveyed between emails, the importance of having a state-of-the-art security system cannot be understated. Therefore, you need to ensure that when choosing a firm to provide you with an email hosting service, that they can cater to your requirements not only in terms of performance speeds, but also in relation to its dependability and security.

The different types of email hosting

Those of you that are uninitiated with the intricate details involved in email hosting in the UK are unlikely to recognise that there are various types of hosting available. As you would expect, these are all slightly different, and are tailored in such a way so as to be more beneficial to certain types of companies and industries. The four dominant types of mail servers, if you were curious, are: IMAP hosting; ISP hosting; cloud hosting; and POP3 hosting.

Many people consider POP3 email hosting to be the most basic of the four types of email services, and it is fairly easy to see why. In essence, this is a service that involves being able to download emails from your server straight to the device with which you are accessing them. There is a significant drawback to this method that cannot be ignored, and which arguably transcends the convenience of the service. Due to the limited processing power, not all emails are able to be downloaded; this can often lead to confusion on the part of the user, as they may believe that some emails have been deleted.

IMAP email hosting is a relatively basic service, and is utilised by large and small businesses alike; for those of you that did not already know, this essentially provides you with a way in which to see your email from any location, at any time. This is thanks to the way in which the software present in your device acts in tandem with the mail server in question, ensuring that it is permanently saved. This accounts not only for your received emails – sent emails, as well as drafts, can be opened from a range of different applications. Should you be a firm which is constantly on the move, this could be the perfect option for you.

Should you be a firm that utilises emailing as its primary form of advertising and marketing, it may be wise to pursue ISP email hosting as a route. Those who already have this will testify to its effectiveness in sending emails en masse. Typically, you can expect to be privy to a server with extensive bandwidth, meaning that crashing will not be an issue. Unlike other services currently available on the market, there is no limit imposed regarding the sending of bulk emails, allowing you to connect with your audience in a way like never before.

Cloud-operating systems are becoming seemingly omnipotent – they can be found almost everywhere, and there is a perception that there is nothing which they cannot achieve. One of the biggest selling points associated with this is the disaster recovery service which is built-in; worrying about losing huge amounts of important data will be a thing of the past.

What can be included?

When you invest in a service, you expect to be able to utilise a variety of different features; thankfully, you will not be disappointed when it comes to email hosting packages. There are a number of aspects which you will be able to enjoy, irrespective of which option you eventually choose. For instance, flexibility is a trait that can be seen in all of the servers that claim to be the best for email hosting in the UK. By this, we mean that you can tailor a service to better suit your needs; it is unwise to needlessly invest in features which offer nothing to your firm. This is something which cannot be done when working in tandem with an independent corporation.

It is often forgotten, but email servers are one of the most efficient ways in which to store swathes of data. Although they may have downloadable attachments, most emails can be compressed into kilobytes, making them extremely easy to keep on a dedicated server. Whilst you have the option of retaining your entire inbox, with email hosting you can instead opt to recycle older emails into an archive, without having to risk losing data which is integral to the business.

The corporate landscape is one which is constantly on the go – downtime cannot be afforded, as otherwise you run the risk of losing out on prospective business. Were you to experience a fallout in service from one of the faceless foundation companies, your chances of receiving dedicated support are extremely slim. On the other hand, should you solicit the services of a dedicated email host, your uptime will be significantly improved. Although you may have to invest a little more upfront, the prospective savings that you can make down the line cannot be ignored.

There are guaranteed to be some people in this world that take automatic forwarding for granted; however, it is a feature which cannot simply be ignored. Were you to leave the office for a prolonged period of time, and recognise that the likelihood of being able to actively respond are slim, an auto-forwarder can once again enhance your usability.

How beneficial is email hosting?

Whichever type of email hosting service you deem is best-suited to fulfil your firm’s requirements, you can be sure that there are countless positives which you will be able to enjoy. A prime example of this, which has been mentioned previously, is the increased security measures which are built-in to the servers. The worry that you will have undoubtedly experienced regarding being infiltrated by viruses will be a distant memory. Companies that take pride in being able to offer web hosting with email services attached will undoubtedly look to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest security trends.

Email hosting ensures that your emails are accessible from an array of different devices at any moment. This is particularly important for those companies that have mobile workforces – employees no longer need to be chained to a desk in order to access a relatively basic aspect of business. Regardless of whether you are on a train and wish to use your smartphone, or are in a rented office and are using your laptop, you should not encounter any issues when trying to access your emails.

Although it may seem insignificant in the long-run, firms which are striving to be at the top of their respective field will understand the importance of having your domain name incorporated into your email address. Brand awareness is crucial when trying to develop as a corporation, and this is a fairly easy way in which to improve in this area. To first-time clients, this will be a sign of professionalism which may not be shared by your competitors, giving you a significant advantage. Being able to boast that your professional email address has a custom domain lying within is certainly a positive which should not be dismissed.

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with using a basic email account, what cannot be ignored is the lack of assistance that is available to you. However, this is not an issue when taking advantage of a paid email hosting service. If you are a company which is aspiring to grow in a rapid fashion, you need to ensure that you have the support mechanisms in place to be able to facilitate this. This relates not only superior security, but also a general improvement in operational functionality.

Need more information?

Hosting in general, be it email, domain, or web, has become one of the most important services. As one of the finest facilitators of dedicated email hosting, the team here at catalyst2 are pleased to be able to offer you some insight into the types of features which you can expect to find. Not only this, but it is important that you understand the overall benefits that are associated with this type of service.

Having been founded in 2000, we have since been able to amass more than twenty years of experience within this field. When you decide to team up with us here at catalyst2, you have the chance to enjoy an experience which has been honed and refined, so that it is superior to all others. If you are sceptical of this, our dedicated page on Trustpilot should go some way in convincing you of our credentials.

We believe that in order for a company to be successful, it is vital that you are able to forge strong relationships with your clients. It is for this reason that we advocate that any customers that have questions regarding our services, get in touch with one of our fantastic customer service representatives. If you visit our website’s contact page, you will be able to view the various methods which you can use to reach out.