Reselling web hosting is a great way for web designs and web developers to generate recurring income. If done right, it can be a very profitable business – but what does it take to get it right? To help you start making money as a reseller of web hosting, we’ve pulled together three top tips:

1. Get your branding right

One of the key elements in the success of any business is getting the branding right. You’re going to be competing against a lot of other web hosting resellers, so you need to make sure your branding makes your business stand out. The first step is to assess the market – what could you do differently to stand out? Once you’ve got your idea, take it to a branding specialist that will do a professional job for you. Branding really is the first step in promoting your business, so make sure you get it perfect.

2. Work out your pricing

What is the price point your customers are going to be happy with? How much does the reseller web hosting package cost you? You want to make sure you are covering all your costs but more than that, you are making a profit as fast possible, even if you only have a few web hosting customers. Can you also bundle in a value add proposition? For example monthly updates to their website or a statistics report?

3. Develop a marketing strategy

Again, this is another simple point, but many people starting web hosting reseller businesses forget that it works in the same way as any other internet business, and needs a marketing and SEO strategy to succeed. Start a blog, set up your social media pages, and start interacting with prospective customers and you will see your sales increase in no time.