There are many website options for your not for profit organisation but managed web hosting could offer all the solutions that you have been searching for. If you are looking for someone to provide a tailored service of support, security, and crisis management for your website, then using dedicated servers and a web host will be ideally suited to your organisation.

Here are some of the benefits of a managed web hosting plus service for non-profit organisations.

Tailored solution for your non-profit organisation

If you need a bespoke solution that will be designed and created around your organisation and its individual needs, then look no further than the option of managed web hosting. With help to migrate from your existing server, it is easy to transition to your new hosted server too.


Nonprofit organisations can really benefit from the cost-effectiveness of managed web hosting services because it means that any revenue they generate can go toward the good causes they support rather than be spent on hiring new and potentially expensive staff to take care of in-house management for them.

Using the services of an experienced, knowledgeable and caring web host reduces staffing outlay and makes your website easier to use for clients, optimises performance, and can actually help to ultimately generate higher traffic, leading to an increase in donations for your organisation.

Increased reliability

When you are reliant on donations for your organisation to be successful and be able to help the causes you care about, the last thing you want is for your website to experience prolonged periods of downtime or for it to crash when you need it to be reliable and robust. With a monitored and supported service, these risks are minimalised, and you have the peace of mind that your web host and support you through any crisis. What is more, if there are any issues with your coding or bugs that need to be taken care of, you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself because, with a managed hosting plus service, this can all be done for you.

Tight security

As a nonprofit organisation, you likely have a multitude of confidential and sensitive information stored on your servers. Having a web hosting service that will manage your security needs can protect your information against attacks from hackers and keep it safe from malware, such as viruses that could corrupt your data and damage your site or even your reputation. Information such as customer names, their addresses, data from their donations and their bank details and credit card numbers will all be protected by the high level of security maintained by web hosts like catalyst2.

Website optimisation

Internet users are generally intolerant of slow page loading or sites which have continual bugs making them sluggish and unpleasant to use. In fact, many internet users will simply close a page that takes too long to load and go elsewhere, which could mean that your organisation is sacrificing fundamental donations if your pages take a prolonged time to load. With catalyst2, we can optimise your website to eliminate the potential for clients and customers to be put off or turned away due to poor loading times or other website problems. What is more, catalyst2 can also help you to resolve issues with your software developers or vendors, maximising your website’s potential and making life a lot easier for you.

Ease your worries about data loss

Data retention can be crucial to the nonprofit sector, and it could be a crisis for your nonprofit organisation if you were to lose this data. With a hosting service, everything is backed up for you so that you don’t need to feel anxiety around the potential for data loss in the case of a crash.

Personalised service

With catalyst2, you will receive a personalised service every time. Having been assigned a specific team of friendly experts to deal with, we can reassure you that you will easily be able to talk with the same people each time and be confident in the knowledge that they are familiar with all your needs and requirements.

For dedicated web hosting that will help your organisation, visit catalyst2.