SiteCore CMS is a disruptive new player in the e-commerce/customer experience industry and is revolutionising the way that e-commerce sites are managed, updated and developed. SiteCore CMS boasts 3 fantastic primary features and is available through catalyst2 at a fantastic price that includes all of the catalyst2 services and benefits that you’ve come to rely on, expect and enjoy.

Customer Experience Accelerator (CXA)

SiteCore CMS’s Customer Experience Accelerator (CXA) is one of the key CMS features and is changing the way that teams are delivering projects to clients, capitalising on SCRUM/Agile manifesto pillars and delivering value early throughout the development of a project. The way it does this is by reducing the amount of time that teams dedicate to re-developing the same things over and over again by utilising templates that enforce best practice, reducing the burden of tech-debt on the team members. This will ensure that not only is a good quality product delivered to the customer or project owner but that it can be delivered on time and within budget.

The CXA also allows more work on design and other aspects of the build typically reserved for further down the line to be completed from day one, meaning that the days of twiddling thumbs, unused developer days and mad rushes towards a deadline are over, and you can utilise the full power of the team from the beginning. CXA doesn’t physically remove these tasks, but rather allows them to be completed without relying on other foundation aspects of the development work.

Sitecore Experience Commerce

Conversion is key in e-commerce – it’s all well and good using a well thought out and comprehensive PPC campaign to drive a potential customer to your storefront, but unless they hit the order button you’ve just wasted your own money and the customer’s time. The average conversion rate for customers who land on a site is less than 10%. This is where SiteCore’s E-commerce Platform comes in, combining content and data-driven analytics to allow you to tailor the shopping experience to the customer. For example, nearly 70% of shopping searches from Google include some sort of location specifier. SCE uses this search data to drive customers towards specific stores/branches of your business or serve up a country/region specific coupon or voucher. 75% of businesses are said to see an increase in conversation when they attract customers with data-driven techniques.

Marketing and Analytics

SiteCore CMS’s tools provided an unrivalled analytics platform to track what’s working and what isn’t. In the world of e-commerce, fast action yields good results, but well-informed actions perform even better still. SiteCore CMS allows you to better understand whether your PPC campaign is performing as expected, and make changes to bids for keywords that seem to be driving the most traffic to your site. Additionally, this sort of understanding will allow you to identify which regions around the world may have some untapped demand for your product, potentially opening up hundreds of streams of revenue that you hadn’t previously considered.

Why purchase SiteCore CMS through catalyst2?

catalyst2 is an industry leading hosting platform that boasts a 99.997% network uptime since May 2017, meaning that you can rely on our servers to be there for you when that spike of demand hits your storefront. Equally, the servers themselves are rated as “very good” in terms of speed, and our modern, cutting-edge security patches will keep your customers’ data secure from hackers. Equally, we know that things don’t always go to plan, and when the worst happens you want to know that there’s someone on hand to help out. Our fantastic UK-based support service is there to lend a hand whenever you need it.