Shopware is a leading eCommerce platform in Germany which is expanding across Europe. The PHP-based eCommerce application was established over 18 years ago and is used by many UK merchants. It has more than 80,000 deployed instances and has a focus on accessibility and openness. The application is owned entirely by its founders, which means it can deliver its strategic agenda without the commercial pressures that many eCommerce vendors face.

Shopware is open source, and actively encourages input and feedback from customers with its publically-available roadmap. Its modular architecture allows businesses to launch quickly while giving them flexibility through its fully-customisable platform.

Who is Shopware for?

The Enterprise version of Shopware is designed for the enterprise client, as it offers a wide range of features as well as diamond-level support. There are other versions of the software available, including, Professional, Professional Plus and the free Shopware Community edition.

What are Shopware’s best features?

Shopware has a comprehensive range of features. Some of the highlights include:

• A CMS which allows users to create very flexible content pages without technical support
• Multi-territory and multi-store eCommerce capabilities
• Complex components which can be drag-and-dropped, such as banners, rich media and product blocks. This allows users to make highly customised layouts.
• Great marketing, merchandising and search options, including loyalty programs and dropped basket recovery
• Comprehensive product management tools
• In-built developer tooling and high levels of performance and scalability
• Excellent technical and platform support as included in the support contract
• Merchants can manage storefronts for drop shippers and resellers with the dealer integration module
• B2B suite available to manage multiple pricing lists, workflows, tiered pricing and more

Can my business use Shopware?

Shopware has a diverse client list, meaning that it could well be suitable for your business. Before choosing Shopware, your business should be aware of its goals and needs. If your business goals or values fall under the below attributes, then Shopware is definitely worth considering:

• Control in creating an interactive product and related content, with high levels of autonomy
• Desire to implement your own technical roadmap alongside the native roadmap
• A need for B2B type functionality
• Prefer a self-hosted solution over a SaaS option
• Comprehensive technical and admin support
• Cost-effective licensing and support models

The licensing model

Shopware offers a one-off software purchase and a monthly support fee. This gives the merchant access to any software upgrades, as well as technical support. This first fee is based on whether additional modules are required. The community edition is free, but it has fewer features and no warranty from the vendor. All editions apart from Enterprise have optional support.

Why catalyst2?

Catalyst2 provide Shopware hosting that is fast, flexible and reliable. We can provide hosting for Shopware from our team of experts at a great price. We offer more than just great support, as our services also include:

• A 30-day money-back guarantee to reassure you
• A complete migration service, taking care of all the work involved in moving to catalyst2
• A quick response to any email you send – within 30 minutes
• Reliable uptime from a stable and steady UK server company that has been operating for 20 years
• Great value for money from a UK based company

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