At catalyst2, we help clients using our elite managed dedicated server services to install a range of custom and off-the-shelf applications. We have also now introduced a managed dedicated server service with a pre-configured and pre-installed Plesk edition.

What is Plesk?

In short, Plesk is a control panel that allows you to effortlessly build and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. On the Plesk centralised control panel, you can update your websites, monitor their performance and onboard new prospects, all from one convenient platform.

This helps to streamline your digital presence and ensures you have complete control over your websites.

What are the benefits of using Plesk?

• Security

Broad security levels are built-in to the Plesk control panel. These security levels are maintained across OS, networks and apps, ensuring security is at the core of your digital presence.

• Compatible

Plesk can be easily integrated with other applications such as Cloud Pro, NodeJs, Git and PHP, among many others. This ensures no matter what extension you want to use on your managed dedicated server, you will find Plesk to be compatible.

• Control

On Plesk, you have full root access to your dedicated server. This allows you to install any third-party or customised applications you wish.

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Who can benefit from Plesk?

Due to its advanced security features and elite adaptability, Plesk will be beneficial to any business or individual that requires managed hosting services. It may be particularly useful, however, to IT admins, code developers, content managers and digital agencies. If you choose to host your websites via WordPress, Plesk will be incredibly beneficial as it has a complete and versatile WordPress toolkit.

How catalyst2 and Plesk work together

catalyst2 and Plesk have grown a strong partnership that ensures the best service possible for your customers. catalyst2 will provide a server, backup the server and ensure it is managed at all times. The catalyst2 team make sure the server is secure and monitored, so we can guarantee our customers the best-dedicated server services possible. Plesk will be pre-configured and pre-installed on our servers, so it is ready and waiting for you to take advantage of its capabilities. catalyst2 will continue to monitor the server and Plesk for you, providing support whenever necessary.

How catalyst2 can support you whilst using Plesk

• Contact

We will happily get in touch with Plesk for you should you have a query about their control panel or be experiencing an issue. You are our priority, and we will happily contact Plesk on your behalf to ensure any queries you may have are answered promptly.

• Personal service

Each of the catalyst2 servers is assigned a specific team, this ensures you will always speak and be in contact with the same team with issues relating to your server in general or Plesk specifically.

• Monitoring

catalyst2 not only monitor our servers, but we also monitor any applications on our servers, including Plesk. This allows us to identify any issues before they have the chance to impact your websites or business.

• Migration

If you currently use another control panel, we can help you migrate onto Plesk and our servers. Further, if you are currently hosted on another server we will also help you migrate to our servers as effortlessly as possible.

Contact catalyst2

If you have any questions about Plesk or our managed hosting services, do not hesitate to contact catalyst2 today. A member of our expert team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our managed dedicated servers pre-configured and pre-installed with Plesk.