LiteSpeed HostingLitespeed web server

Supercharge your website with this awesome web server. Get everything you love from an Apache web server but with even more benefits. Litespeed is fully integrated, ultra-secure and lightning quick. The Litespeed Cache feature makes your websites and applications quicker with one simple click! For superior levels of website performance, look no further.

Applications of Litespeed

This next-level Linux based web server can be used to power a number of different applications and platforms. These include:

– WordPress
– WooCommerce
– Magento
– PrestaShop
– Drupal
– Joomla

What advantages will Litespeed hosting deliver?

If you are thinking of switching your web hosting to Litespeed, the below are some key benefits to look forward to:

Compatible with Apache

Litespeed is fully compatible with the most common Apache features. This includes .htaccess, mod_rewrite and mod_secuirty among others. This is a big advantage over other proxy-based, frontend servers like NGNIX. Litespeed will simply replace all Apache functions to make the migration from one to another hassle-free.

Lightning quick PHP

One thing most people love when they switch to Litespeed is the increase in speed they notice. This is down to a revamped PHP interface which has been specially designed to deliver massive gains in performance. Existing code is moved much quicker and more easily to offer superior performance levels.

Beefed up security

Alongside speed, most people value online security most when it comes to choosing their server. This hosting option is mod_security compatible and has anti-DDoS functionality built-in for the best cyber-security. At catalyst2, we are also constantly working hard to make sure the hosting options we offer address the latest online security issues. In the case of Litespeed web hosting, this means you get the most robust online security around.

Better customer satisfaction

All website owners know that fast page load speeds, superb website efficiency and high-level performance are key to customer satisfaction. Litespeed web servers deliver all this to keep anyone who visits your site happy and make them more likely to spend money with you. Over time, this can help your profits to rise and increase the turnover you see in your business.

Awareness of native apps

As we have already noted, popular platforms like Magento integrate fully with this web server. The net result is in-server caching which helps cut back TTFB and TTLB levels to lower double-digit milliseconds. This awareness of native apps and the ability to work with them is a real advantage.

Litespeed will support any site

The real beauty of using a Litespeed web server is that it will work with any website you have. This makes it a real one-stop solution especially if you have more than one. When combined with superior performance and enhanced security, this flexibility is a real bonus.

Concurrent service to various clients

Litespeed servers can serve thousands of clients at once and with up to 16 times quicker delivery than Apache. This means it is easy to give your customers the experience they expect when using your website. We all know that having a responsive website is key to attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers. With this kind of web hosting, it is entirely possible.

Litespeed web hosting with catalyst2

At catalyst2, we have been delivering the best UK web hosting using LiteSpeed for many years now. We are proud to offer Litespeed hosting to our customers for all the amazing benefits it brings. For more information on the packages we have or more advice on this type of web server, get in touch today on 0800 107 7979. One of our expert team will be only too happy to answer any questions you have.