For those in need of an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce and online marketing platform for their website or application, then Kentico is often an excellent choice. To make the most of your Kentico site though, you’re also going to want to pick the right team to host it for you.

The right team will be able to provide you and your business with a fast, reliable and well-supported platform, with inhouse Kentico experts available to assist in managing the migration for you, to ensure the best possible performance at all times. Here at catalyst2 we take pride in knowing that we can tick all those boxes for you and more besides.

Inhouse knowledgeable Kentico experts

As a fully featured ASP.NET content management solution, Kentico is ideal for not only building your website/online store but it’s designed to grow alongside your business as it expands.

Packed full of hugely customisable and highly sophisticated tools yet still user-friendly, it may be the powerhouse behind your company website or intranet, especially if its’ SEO features are put to good use to allow your business to scorch up the internet search engine rankings. Other helpful features include an image gallery, custom pages and a WYSIWYG editor, all of which are purpose-built to be compatible.

In fact, one of the best features of Kentico hosting is its compatibility with a lot of software thanks to its open API.

Customised client-led hosting

Whatever your site uses Kentico for, you’ll want it to run and perform as well as possible. That’s where choosing the right host makes all the difference to page loading speeds, bounce rates, conversion rates and those all-important SEO rankings.

Our reliable hosting platform is flexible so that we can provide your business with a unique service customised to its’ specific needs.

No matter where it is currently sat, be this from your own server or another host, we can help with moving all your precious data and information over to our servers in just a few hours’ time.

And should your business need to expand then know that we can provide additional servers for you in the same efficient timeframe.

Dependable & trustworthy

Here at catalyst2, we’ve been consistently helping businesses just like yours since 2000, as demonstrated by our 100% network uptime clause included as part of our service level agreement. With that kind of reliability and our “very good” rated server speed, all offered at fantastic value and with a no-argument 30-day money-back guarantee on our web hosting, your business can relax knowing it’s in good hands. At Catalyst2, we deliver on our promises.

Getting back to our customers as soon as possible is a high priority of ours, so if you’re one of our shared customers, you can rest assured that you’ll be responded to by us, in working hours, within 30 minutes of placing your query. For our dedicated customers, that response time is a guaranteed 5 minutes from your telephone query! We pride ourselves on our friendly, straightforward, UK-based servers and support approach – no technical jargon from us.

Not only are all of our servers kept fully up to date and responsive, but they are monitored proactively to ensure the best possible service is always provided to your business. We know that it benefits both us and our customers to continually invest in and promote the most reliable possible network and infrastructure, which is why this is, and always has been, one of our core values.

Why not call us now to find out more about how Catalyst2 servers could be the perfect home for your Kentico hosting.