Hosted virtual desktops are growing more and more popular as businesses continue to realise the suite of benefits they offer. Making sure you invest in the right virtual hosted desktop service provider is essential, however, to keep your business as productive and secure as possible.

At catalyst2, we have extensive experience in providing a range of hosted virtual desktop services to a broad spectrum of clients, and we can tailor our service to host from one user and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how our hosted virtual desktop service can benefit you.

What is a hosted virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop is a desktop that’s hosted via a remote server. That means everything that encompasses your desktop, such as your wallpaper, folders, toolbar, apps, widgets, icons, and more, will all be hosted by a server stored off your premises. As such, you can access your desktop remotely using any device, wherever you happen to be. As long as you have the correct login information, you can sign in and access your important files and programs on any other PC, laptop, tablet, or even mobile device.

What are the benefits to you?

Hosted virtual desktops offer a range of key benefits – they’re being used increasingly by businesses of all sizes, and there’s a very good reason for that; they provide great results.

Here are just two of the main benefits you can expect from a virtual desktop implementation.

Cost savings

Virtual desktops allow you to save money. There are a range of quite considerable costs associated with even a low-grade IT infrastructure – software, hardware, and support costs can quickly mount. With a virtual desktop, for example, new employees don’t need to have a system purchased, installed, and maintained just for them – new users can be added and removed very easily, and have access on a broad range of devices.

There is also an argument that devices also become more reliable over time – this is because each device doesn’t need such extensive memory or processing power to operate apps and programs stored on its own hard drive. The “heavy lifting” is all handled remotely by the virtual desktop server.

Security improvements

There’s a host of security improvements to consider with virtual desktop services too. Security threats to hardware are minimised, as important data is stored in a highly secure virtual private network. This means that even if hardware such as a laptop is stolen, there isn’t actually any data stored on it to steal. Permissions are also easily reviewed and altered, and can even be tiered – namely employees can have access to only the information they actually need, rather than every employee being able to access everything.

The whole system is configurable to your requirements. New users can be added or removed in seconds. It’s also much easier to ensure the system is properly updated, as only the main installation requires the update rather than every user’s piece of individual hardware. User monitoring is also much easier.

Improve efficiency considerably

Remote working allows for a vast increase in efficiency and productivity. It allows users to access the system when they actually need to, rather than within the rigid confines of office hours. Employees can continue to contribute to projects and make necessary changes even when travelling or at home. We’re rapidly moving to a commercial landscape where the traditional 9 to 5 doesn’t apply anymore, and your business needs to respond.

Do that by implementing a secure, affordable, and highly efficient virtual desktop service today. If you’d like to learn more, speak to the experts at catalyst2 today.