Elasticsearch hostingAn open-source search engine particularly suitable for the world of e-commerce, Elasticsearch provides a practical way for a range of different businesses to search all kinds of various documents, files and data in a fast and efficient manner. As a revolutionary tool for companies looking to optimise their search processes, Elasticsearch is the ideal solution, and is available through catalyst2 for even easier setup and hosting over time.

This unique approach to searching is specifically useful for e-commerce as Elasticsearch is capable of retrieving product information, data and other required information practically in real-time. For businesses looking to improve the user experience of their systems, incorporating Elasticsearch can make all the difference. In platforms that utilise vast amounts of data, improving that speed is vital.

Speedy searching with any amount of data

Because of the specific way in which Elasticsearch operates, using ES queries in the Query DSL language, optimising the retrieval of data is quick and easy. What could take more than ten seconds in a traditional SQL database due to the volume of data can be reduced to a far more productive ten milliseconds when using Elasticsearch as the primary search platform.

For businesses in which the review, retrieval or access to data is a must for day-to-day operations, whether it’s providing customer service to analysing or retrieving specific product information, this reduced lag time can vastly improve efficiency in the working day. This is made even easier by the fact that automating the addition of documents to Elasticsearch is a quick and easy process, using RESTful API. For businesses looking to invest in Elasticsearch, choosing to work with catalyst2 can give you the groundwork to succeed.

Scalable and distributable access to data

Thanks to how Elasticsearch is built, this unique search engine tool is applicable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is in part due to that fact that Elasticsearch is built to withstand entire petabytes of data, as well as accommodate thousands of servers. This makes scaling up and down within a business simple and effective. The majority of the actions within Elasticsearch are automated. While the processes are involved, they’re all achieved behind the scenes.

Because of how Elasticsearch manages its functionalities solo, the distribution of this tool is also easy and makes it much more practical a choice for businesses where multiple individuals will utilise the service. This means less training is required, as Elasticsearch does much of the functionality of data retrieval itself without the input of the individual using it.

A powerful tool for any business

While the actual definition of Elasticsearch can be challenging to pinpoint, especially with all the additional features and extras it offers, it’s certainly a viable tool for any business looking for accurate and quick data retrieval. ES provides a system that’s different from others on the market, with a database that’s document-oriented and with no schemas included as default. This means you can customise the system to your exact needs, in addition to Elasticsearch’s own inbuilt Lucene StandardAnalyzer that provides addition indexing and type guessing functionality.

If Elasticsearch sounds like the right tool for your business, choosing catalyst2 as your host is your top choice. As a reliable platform that specialises in the latest generation of technology, we work with companies like Elasticsearch to provide our customers with the comprehensive tools and systems they need to succeed. Our in-house team is equipped with all the know-how and information you need about Elasticsearch to help you succeed. All you need to do is ask, and we can provide everything you need to get the ball rolling.

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