If you’re looking for a modern, customisable CMS with a great feature set, Craft CMS is the perfect choice. Now in the ultra-robust version 3 iteration, it’s the ideal time to get yourself set up with Craft. With plugins and integration to all your favourite marketing tools and e-commerce services, this fully featured CMS takes a content-first approach which makes it easy to create gorgeous, polished websites.

Tons of customisability

Craft CMS offers a huge amount of flexibility with customisable options that make it easy to create pixel perfect websites that look exactly the way you want. With custom fields, Matrix fields and section types, it’s easy to set up repeatable fields that can be used all over your site, meaning less time spent developing and more time focusing on creating content. A powerful relationship builder helps keep track of everything in a human-friendly way, and there are lots of plugins available with one-click solutions. Plus, a Twig-powered templating system makes it easy to create repeatable templates that you can use all over your site, keeping the design coherent and manageable.

Get custom development or keep it simple

With all the HTML and CSS options you’d expect from a modern CMS, Craft allows for a lot of custom development. There’s more development required here than with, for example, a WordPress site with a one-click theme, but even if you’re not comfortable going under the hood, Craft still offers plenty of one-click plugins and easy to use options. However, the intuitive UI and extensive documentation mean it’s easier than you might think to begin customising your website. With Craft, you can build a beautiful website for your brand, as well as customising and tweaking the back-end of the CMS to truly fit with your workflow needs.

Putting your content first

Craft is a modern CMS, so it was designed with your content as the first priority. Unlike other systems, where you might be working with bolt-on blog plugins that restrict your content and force you to work to their designs, Craft is designed to get out of the way as much as possible and let your content shine. You can fully customise the CMS around your content, creating new field types to perfectly fit your needs. Plus, with Live Preview and an intuitive back-end design, you can even create your content right in the CMS and check exactly how it’ll look when you’re ready to hit publish.

Flexible e-commerce solutions

With Craft Commerce, it’s easy to set up a robust and secure e-commerce site that you can customise to meet your exact needs. It offers custom order fields so you can set up your products precisely the way you want, ensuring that your customers have the right information when they need it, as well as custom checkout flows, so you can design a checkout system that best fits with your business requirements. Add an easy-to-use order management system, subscriptions, customisable tax and shipping rules, and it’s easy to see why Craft Commerce is quickly gaining popularity as an e-commerce solution.

Easy site management

To help you manage your site, Craft CMS comes fully-equipped with asset management to help you keep track of all your site’s images and files, an easy to use web-based image editor perfect for those little tweaks, a user management system so you can manage access to your site, and easy one-click updating that makes plugin management a breeze.

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