As one of the largest and most reputable technology companies in the world today, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft offers an enormous range of impressive cloud-based services that can completely revolutionise the way that your business (large, small, or anywhere in between) runs day-to-day.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to integrate Microsoft services into your business is by contacting catalyst2. By calling our dedicated, UK-based team today we can look at how we can help your business succeed with one of our fantastic Microsoft managed hosting services.

What is has been around since 2002 and has garnered a reputation for flexibility, responsiveness and ease of use. It’s a server-side framework that allows developers to use almost any language they want. hosting allows you to move your site on to a server that works with the technologies you and your team are comfortable with (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc) while taking advantage of industry-leading and more pioneering facilities, and real-time services such as Web Sockets.

The benefits of working with us

As if that wasn’t enough, working with catalyst2’s Windows Hosting services will take much of the hassle out of your infrastructure management. We can offer packages and services to suit any need or budget and can adapt and tailor what we offer so that we can always find the right fit for your business.

As part of our Managed Hosting + offering, we take pride in making swapping to our servers as easy as possible, while making sure that everything is secure by updating, maintaining and securing all of our servers on your behalf. This lets you, and more importantly, your customers, rest easy knowing that their information is safe.

Why do I need this?

If you’re an existing business working away at delivering the next big thing, the flexible framework will allow you to utilise all of the web technologies that you know and love within .net framework that allows you to produce fast, scalable and innovative applications. Additionally, working within such a well-supported, documented and loved-framework ensures that help with debugging, information about updates and industry-leading support is never far away, as is backed by industry titan Microsoft, and has a very active and supportive developer community always on hand to help. This supportive community feel is backed by the catalyst2 offering – our friendly UK-based team will be on hand to help debug and support your project when you take out a hosting solution with us.

From a developer’s point of view, offers a huge range of modern technologies that not only make the end product more powerful, impressive and smooth for the user but are a breeze to work on and setup. allows developers to harness the power of HTTP Webhooks – pushing events across services using HTTP. It also a strong and robust API framework that pushes the limits of what your organisation will able to create in terms of web interfaces and back-end systems.

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No matter what your business needs, our Microsoft managed hosting platform will completely change how your business operates in almost every way. Saving money on expensive, noisy and overly hot servers that take up space in your office will keep everyone happy, while the freedom that a cloud-based platform offers can make a real difference to the working lives of your team. In addition, the real-world savings of being able to rely on us for much of your infrastructure costs will save a lot more than just a few quid here and headaches there – so call us today.