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Linux dedicated servers offer a powerful platform to host your website. Linux is easy to set up and configure and can be scaled to any size. When you choose a dedicated Linux server from catalyst2, you will have a choice of configuration options allowing you to tailor your services to meet the needs of your application.

Why choose us to host your dedicated Linux server?

catalyst2 has been a trusted hosting partner for more than 20 years. We manage hundreds of mission-critical applications for our customers. And unlike other hosting companies, we provide a full service, including system design, setup and installation.

When your server is up and running, we also offer a range of managed services to keep your application working seamlessly. So with a dedicated Linux server from catalyst2, you can focus more on your application and less on your infrastructure.

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What configuration options are available with your Catalyst2 dedicated Linux server?

All our dedicated servers are hosted on Dell Poweredge servers with super-fast SSD storage, but we offer a range of configuration options that allow you to tailor your server to meet the needs of your application.

The following options are available:

A choice of Linux operating systems


CentOS is one of the most popular operating systems for Linux servers. The distribution is open source and free for commercial use, which makes it a popular option for small and midsize applications. Support is provided through a free community-driven platform.


Ubuntu software is free to use, can be scaled to any size and is certified for use with the OpenStack cloud platform. However, unlike CentoOS, support is only provided via a paid package. Several packages are available, depending on your needs.

RedHat Linux

The RedHat Enterprise Linux platform can be scaled to meet the needs of any application and is certified for use with OpenStack cloud software. However, users have to pay to access the software, with self-support, standard and premium packages available.

If you need help choosing a Linux operating system, get in touch with our support team on 0800 107 7979 or email sales@catalyst2.com.

Setup and configuration included

One of the benefits of using Catalyst2 to host your application is that we provide a range of support services. Our expert team of Linux professionals are available to help design and deploy your hosting platform.

Choose from the following Linux configuration options:

Mail servers

We provide support for the following mail servers out of the box, but other mail servers are available on request. Contact us to learn more.


Exim is an open-source mail server for Linux, developed by Cambridge University. The software is essentially a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) which receives, routes and delivers email messages. Exim allows you to send and receive messages from remote hosts, create aliases and forward messages to recipients.


Postfix is a fast and easy to configure alternative to Sendmail. The software is an SMTP server that can send, receive and forward mail. The platform uses modular architecture, which only runs when required. This means it uses fewer resources on the server than other email platforms, such as Sendmail.

If you need help choosing the right email platform, get in touch by calling 0800 107 7979 or send an email to sales@catalyst2.com.

Database services

The database server is used to store and manage data in a central location so that it can be accessed by authorized users. The database is the bedrock of your application and care needs to be taken to ensure it is set up and managed securely.

Your dedicated Linux server can be configured to use one of the following popular database systems:


MySQL is one of the world’s most widely used databases. The software is a free-to-use open-source relational database that can be used to deploy cloud-native applications. MySQL is easy to configure and can be scaled to almost any size.


Postgres is an open-source database for Linux operating systems. Postgres is an object-relational database, which means it provides features such as table inheritance and function overloading, which standard relational databases do not.

SSH/SFTP clients

We provide a range of SSH/SFTP clients to allow secure access to your server. Secure Shell (SSH) creates a secure connection between two computers, while Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) provides a method for transferring data between computers.

Some examples of software we provide support for the following SSH/SFTP clients:


FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP utilities. The software is open-source and free to use for everyone. The software can run on both Linux and Microsoft servers and support FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols.


CyberDuck is an alternative to FileZilla. The software is easy to use and configure but doesn’t have as many features as FileZilla. This makes it popular for those with limited technical knowledge.

CoffeeCup FTP

CoffeeCup FTP is a user-friendly drag-and-drop FTP client. The software is free for non-commercial users but corporations have to pay. However, CoffeeCup offers a range of powerful features which make it suitable for more advanced users.

Need help choosing the right Linux server?

Choosing the right Linux server for your application can be challenging, especially if you have little technical knowledge. That’s why at catalyst2, we provide a complete design to installation service for your Linux servers.

So if you need help choosing the right dedicated server package, get in touch with our support team today on 0800 107 7979 or send an email to sales@catalyst2.com. Alternatively, if you already know what type of server you need, please contact us for quote.