What is going on?

Microsoft has announced that in 2021 it will be withdrawing support for the Hosted Exchange platform that we are currently using. We are therefore starting the process of moving everyone off the Hosted Exchange platform you are on onto Office 365. Office 365 has lots more features and functionality including Microsoft Teams, One Drive and also the ability for us to provide you with Office Programs for your computer all for a fixed monthly fee.

If you wish to stay with solely the Hosted Exchange accounts, there is no price increase when moving to Office 365.

Can I choose when I my migration happens?

Within reason yes, if you get in contact us with us before the end of October, you will have quite a few choices on when it happens. After the end of October you will be assigned a migration date.

During the migration - how do I access my emails?

During the migration you can access your old emails at https://outlook.hs20.net/

and you can access your new emails by logging in at office.com and clicking on Outlook.

Will I need to setup my phone / tablet / computer again?

Yes, you will need to set these up again once the migration is complete.

You go to add a new mail account, you then enter your email address and password once informed by our team and your device should automatically do everything else. If you get stuck, please contact us.

How do I setup my computer for Office 365?

If you are already using Outlook, we suggest you create a new profile and then do the following steps:

  • Open up Outlook
  • Go to File and then Info and then “+ Add account”
  • Select email account
  • Fill your name, email address and password
  • Click Next, then finish and it should all be setup.

If that doesn’t work, please contact us.

Please be aware, if you have other email accounts, when create a new profile, you will need to add in ALL email accounts again.

How do I add the new account to my mobile phone?

How long does the migration take?

Your new email account will be working for new email on the day we do the change over. Depending on the amount of email you have your email account it will take a few days for the new email account to be populated with your old email.


Is Spam filtering included?

Yes, it is included and integrates directly with Outlook, all the spam goes into your Junk Email folder. If you have any issues with the spam filtering, please contact us.