Last updated: 23 March 2022

Roundcube includes an address book / contacts manager. You can easily add and manage contacts, and you can import or export contact details as electronic business cards.

Roundcube's 'Contacts' interface is a full-featured address book.
Image: Roundcube’s “Contacts” interface.

Like the main Mail page, the Contact page has three panes:

  • The left pane shows groups. By default, Roundcube adds a Personal Addresses group. You can add, edit and remove groups by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top of the pane.
  • The next pane is your list with contacts in a group. If you got lots of contacts then you can use the search box at the top of the pane to filter contacts by their name, email address or all fields.
  • The right pane shows the contact details for an individual contact. You can add various fields, including postal addresses, different types of phone numbers and websites.

Adding contacts

You can add a new contact via the Create button. Alternatively, you can also click on the sender’s “from” address and select Add to address book.

Importing and exporting contacts

You can import and export contacts. For importing contacts you can either use vCard or CSV files. vCard, or VCF, is a common standard for electronic business cards. Most email clients are able to import and export to the format.

If you want to migrate all your contacts, you can simply select all your contacts and click the Export button. This creates a single .vcf file which you can then use to import the contacts in another email client or application.