31 January 2024

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your billing account. With multi-factor authentication you log in as normal with your email address and password. After that you are then prompted for a TOTP token, which you can get from a 2FA app, usually on your phone.

Enabling multi-factor authentication

You can enable (or disable) multi-factor authentication as follows:

  • Log into your billing account at billing.catalyst2.com.
  • Click on your username (top-right corner).
  • Select Security Settings from the drop-down menu.
An image of the Two-Factor Authentication settings. Here, 2FA is not enabled. To enable 2FA you can click a bright green button that reads: Click here to enable.
The Security Setting page shows if two-factor authentication is enabled. You can also enable or disable 2FA via this page.

Setting up multi-factor authentication

After you click the Click here to enable button you need to configure multi-factor authentication. The first screen asks what method you want to use. There is just one option; you can use any 2FA application to get security tokens.

After you enable 2FA you need to select which 2FA method you want to use. There is just one option: time-based tokens.
Time-based token are the most secure 2FA method. Other methods, such as receiving a token via a text message, are not supported.

Connect your 2FA app

Next, you need to connect your multi-factor authentication app. You can use any modern 2FA app, including Google Authenticator and Aegis.

If you use a 2FA app on your phone then you can open the app and scan the QR code. Alternatively, you can also manually add the 2FA token shown above the image.

An image of the QR code you see when you enable 2FA. Above the QR code is the 2FA token used to add the account. So, if you want to add the account manually, you can.
You can either scan the QR code you will see, or you can enter your 2FA token manually.

Either way, your 2FA app should now be generating a six-digit tokens every 30 seconds. To complete the process, enter the token in the Enter authentication code field and click Submit,

Store the backup code

You should now see a success message. The window also gives you a backup code, which you can use to access your account if you can’t access your 2FA app. For instance, if your phone suddenly dies then you can use the backup code in place of a 2FA token. You can then log in; disable multi-factor authentication and start again with a new 2FA app.

Once 2FA has been set up for your billing account you get a success message. The same page also shows a backup code made up of four sets of four letters and numbers.
Store your backup code in your password manager. One day you will need it.