We offer a wide range of hosting packages. This article talks about our shared, premium and reseller hosting packages. Information about Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers can be found here.

What you need to host a website

You need two things to host a website:

  • A hosting package provides the storage space for your website and/or email on a server that is connected to the internet.
  • A domain name is the website address via which people can visit your website.

You can purchase both a hosting package and a domain name from us. It is also possible to have one of the two with us and the other with a different company.

Linux or Windows?

When you buy a hosting package you need to choose either a Linux or Windows hosting package.

  • Linux is by far the most popular server operating system. It is the best choice for both static websites and sites that use PHP and/or MySQL/MariaDB. We also recommend Linux for content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal (as they all use PHP and MySQL).
  • Windows is the best choice if you are going to use Windows-specific languages such as ASP and MSSQL.

Our Linux hosting packages use cPanel as the hosting control panel. cPanel provides a friendly interface for things like managing website files, databases and email accounts. You can learn more about the control panel in the cPanel section of our knowledgebase.
For Windows packages we use the Plesk control panel, which offers most of the functionality of cPanel.

Types of hosting packages

We offer a three different types of hosting packages:

  • Standard / Shared hosting packages are an affordable hosting solution. You get all the basics, including email accounts and databases. Some advanced features such as SSH access are not available.
  • Premium hosting packages are ideal for customers who have outgrown standard hosting packages. Each premium web server hosts no more than 30 websites and email is hosted on a separate server. SSH, NodeJS and Git are all available.
  • Reseller hosting packages are designed to let you host a large number of domains. This is ideal for web developers who want to offer web hosting to their clients.

What resources do you need?

For each of the above hosting packages you can choose what resources you need. For instance, we got five standard / shared hosting packages:

Mega Deal
  • N/A
  • £11.99
  • 1
  • 500MB
  • 5GB
  • 1
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
Mega Plus
  • £2.99
  • £29.99
  • 1
  • 1GB
  • 20GB
  • 10
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • £4.99
  • £49.99
  • 2
  • 2GB
  • 40GB
  • 50
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • £8.99
  • £89.99
  • 5
  • 4GB
  • 80GB
  • 100
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • £12.99
  • £129.99
  • 10
  • 8GB
  • 160GB
  • 150
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • The number of hosted domains is the number of websites you can host on a single package. If you get a hosting package that lets you host more than one domain then you can add another domain as a so-called addon domain.
  • The amount of disk space is the amount of space you got for your website files, database and email.
  • The amount of data transfer is your monthly bandwidth limit. When people visit your website data is transferred between the “client” and the server. How much bandwidth you need mainly depends on how many visitors your website gets and whether or not visitors will download large files such as videos.
  • Each hosting package has a finite number of POP or IMAP email accounts you can set up. If you want to have one or more email addresses for your domain name then you should check if a hosting package offers enough mailboxes.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure which hosting package best suits your needs.

Upgrading or downgrading a hosting package

You can switch to a different hosting package at any time. The upgrade or downgrade will be instant and won’t cause any downtime. The price increase (or decrease) will be calculated pro rata.

It is also possible to get more resources by buying an “addon”. We offer the following addons:

  • 1 additional MySQL or MSSQL database
  • 5 extra POP/IMAP email accounts
  • 5 extra FTP accounts
  • 1 or 5GB extra bandwidth
  • 1 extra alias / parked domain
  • A dedicated SSL certificate
  • Spam filtering (for up to 10 mailboxes)

You can order addons via your billing account (select Services > View Available Addons). Alternatively, we can add any addon to your account when you submit a ticket.

Free migration

We can usually migrate your website and email from another provider to us, free of charge. Please contact our friendly support team if you would like to take up this offer.