5 August 2023

We automatically block IP addresses that behave suspiciously on our cPanel servers. For instance, we block an IP address if there are a large number of failed login attempts in a short period of time from the IP address. Another common reason for IP blocks are that requests made to a website are suspicious. As an example, we block IP addresses that make a large number of requests to xmlrpc.php files.

This stops common attacks. However, a downside of automatically blocking IP addresses is that sometimes an IP address is blocked because of innocent login failures. For instance, if you’re not sure about your cPanel logins then you might try various user names and passwords. Usually, that results in an IP address ban.

When your IP address is blocked you get a time-out error. If we are hosting your website then you can no longer access your website. Similarly, if we are hosting your email then you will get a connection error.

How to unban your IP address

You can unblock your IP address via your billing account. First, go to Services » My Services and click the Active button for the domain you can’t access.

The page with services in a billing account. Among others, it lists the domain and the status of the service.
Image: the My Products & Services page.

Next, you should see an IP Unban Center option in the Actions box.
The billing page for a selected service. This page has many options. Among others, you can access the IP Unban Center from this page.
Image: the link to the IP Unban Center (highlighted in yellow).

In the Unban Center you can next click the lock icon (highlighted in yellow in the below image).
The Unban Center. You can unblock your IP address by clicking on the lock icon.
Image: the Unban Center

After clicking the lock icon you get a pop-up that shows your IP address. Simply click the Unban button to unblock your IP.
The option to unblock your IP address. A pop-up shows your IP address and a button that reads Unban.
Image: the Unblock option.

Why was my IP address blocked?

Please contact our friendly support team if you’re not sure why your IP address was blocked. We can tell you the reason for the IP block and help prevent any future IP bans.