Last updated: 2 May 2021

If you already have an account with us then you can transfer a domain name you own to us via your billing account:

  • Select Domains
  • Select Transfer in a Domain

If you don’t already have an account with us then you can instead transfer a domain via the Transfer a domain to us page.

Either page asks you to enter the domain name you want to transfer and the “authorisation code”. The authorisation code is only needed for domain names that don’t end in .uk. For instance, if you are transferring the domain then you can leave this field blank.

Transferring a domain to Catalyst2 via your billing control panel.
Image: the “Transfer Domain” page.

Transferring a .uk domain to us

To transfer a .uk domain to us you need to “unlock” the domain with your current registrar. You can do so by changing the domain’s IPS tag to CATALYST2 (in capitals). The IPS tag links a domain name to a registrar, and by changing the tag to CATALYST2 you move the domain to us. You can change the tag after you have added the domain to your account.

The domain transfer should be instant. Unless there are any unexpected issues you should immediately see the new IPS tag in the WHOIS database.

There is no fee for transferring .uk domains and the expiry date remains as it is. For instance, if your domain is registered until the 22th February 2022 then you don’t need to renew your domain until that date. So, you don’t pay anything until the domain is up for renewal.

Transferring other domains

For other domains you need to instead get an authorisation or EPP code from your current registrar. You usually get the code when you unlock the domain. Once you got the code you need to enter it on the transfer page.

The domain registry (usually ICANN) will contact you via email to check if you really want to transfer your domain. You need to confirm that you wish to do so (typically be clicking on a link in the email). The email is sent to the address associated with the domain, so please make sure you got access to that email address.

As with .uk domains, the registration period for your domain remains as it is. However, there is a transfer fee of £15 plus VAT. Also, it may take a few days before the transfer is complete.