27 September 2021

If you have forgotten your cPanel password then you can reset it via cPanel’s login page.

Step 1: click the reset password link

First, click on the Reset Password link at the bottom of the login form.

The cPanel login page has a Reset Password link.
Image: cPanel login page.

Step 2: enter your cPanel username

Next, you need to enter your cPanel username. If you don’t know your username then your won’t be able to proceed. Please open a support ticket if you have forgotten both your username and password – we can reset your logins for you.

When you reset your cPanel password you first need to enter your cPanel username.
Image: to reset your cPanel password you need to know your username.

Step 3: enter your email address

As an extra security measure you also need to enter the contact email address for your account. The email address is not necessarily the same as the email address linked to your billing account. The hint shows some of the characters in the email address, which should help if you are not sure what the email address is.

After you enter your cPanel username you need to enter your email address.
Image: enter your email address.

As an aside, the email address is stored in the Contact Information section of cPanel. It is important that the email address is up to date, as it is used to send you a notification if there is an issue with your account. For instance, you get an email if your account is close to its disk space quota or if a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate couldn’t be renewed. And of course it is also used for password resets.

Step 4: enter the security code

The cPanel server sends a password reset security code to the email address on your account. The next step is to enter the code.

The next step is to enter the security code sent to the email address you entered.
Image: enter the security code you received via email.

Step 5: reset the password

And the final step is to set a new password. As always, please make sure to enter a unique, complex password and keep it somewhere safe (i.e. in your password manager).

If all goes well you can now log into cPanel again!
Image: reset the cPanel password.

As an aside, your cPanel password is linked to the default FTP accounts and the default mailbox. So, changing your cPanel password automatically changes those logins as well.