Premium Windows Hosting

Our premium / semi-dedicated hosting is ideal for customers who have outgrown traditional shared hosting, but can’t yet justify the expense or don’t have the experience to manage a dedicated server.

Each premium web server hosts no more than 30 sites, with separate mail servers and high-end anti-spam and virus scanning included as standard. If your site is critical you can rely on our premium hosting solutions to provide high uptime and free telephone support direct to an engineer for a quick resolution of any issues.

All premium hosting plans include the following:

  • No more than 30 sites per server
  • Separate mail servers dedicated to our premium customers
  • Full hosted Spam and Virus Filtering with a 98% catch rate
  • Freephone and email support 24/7/365 for any issues
  • Hosted on our fully redundant VMware platform
All prices are available monthly or yearly and are ex.VAT
Yearly Pricing£494.90£813.50£1,121.90
Hosted Domains112
Disk Space 10GB20GB50GB
Data Transfer300GB500GB800GB
POP/IMAP Email102050
MSSQL DatabaseIncludedIncludedIncluded
asp.NET 4 ScriptingIncludedIncludedIncluded
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Industry leading servers

We’re committed to using the most advanced tools and software to deliver high-quality web hosting services that cover everything you need. By letting catalyst2 host your website, you can feel certain that the site is secure, dynamic, and stable, as well as performing the way you need it to, without the responsibility to run your own server. We’re here to take the hard parts out of your web hosting and ensure you have a high performing and reliable site, even if you don’t have the experience or capacity to manage a server by yourself.

With all of our premium Windows hosting plans, we manage your data using an industry-leading Microsoft SQL server. A huge advantage of an MSSQL server is the excellent security it provides for your data, giving you complete peace of mind whilst we’re hosting your site.

With MSSQL you’re also assured that none of your data will be lost or corrupted in the event of a server interruption or shut-down. MSSQL has exceptional data storage and recovery features that aren’t found in other web servers, so you never need to worry about manually creating back-ups for your site and its content, or facing the risk of losing essential data.

Optimised websites

Our Windows web hosting services also help you to create a dynamic and highly responsive site with improved performance. With, a Microsoft framework for building websites and apps, your website’s operations are simplified so that it continually performs at its peak. also reduces the amount of code your site needs, as well as allowing for more efficient website maintenance and changes. We also use .NET Core with all of our hosting plans, which is an effective tool for general website development. This fast and responsive framework offers real versatility.

We use ASP in conjunction with IIS, also known as Internet Information Services. IIS is a stable and well-established Microsoft web server. This flexible web server is a general-purpose tool that’s compatible with any website. The tools we use to host and manage your website ensure that your site is exactly what you want and does what you need it to.

Plesk control panel

For managing the sites we host, we use Plesk, an innovative control panel that has been ranked as the top server control panel. Plesk allows us to successfully manage multiple websites hosted on the cloud. From a single dashboard, we’re able to host sites of any description.

Plesk is compatible with hundreds of extensions, including SEO toolkits, security software, and WordPress toolkits, meaning we can help with hosting websites for any purpose or requirements. Another benefit of Plesk is the fantastic security it offers. Whatever the content of your website, you can feel confident that it is protected and your hosting is completely secure.

Leading web hosting solutions

As well as these tools, all of our Windows web hosting plans include email hosting and data storage and reliable ongoing support, providing you with a complete service for web hosting. If you’re looking for leading hosting solutions for your website, our plans really deliver. Our premium hosting is the ideal choice if you want high-quality support and an optimised site that runs smoothly and enhances your online presence.

Every business is different, so we offer a variety of hosting plans to meet your exact needs, all at competitive prices. Whether you’re running a small site or need hosting for more than one domain, we have a great value plan to suit you. If you’d like to find out more about how our web hosting services can help you, please get in touch.