3GB The amount of space available for website files and images.


40GB The quantity of data/information you can transfer per month, each visit to your site will download files/images which will contribute to the amount of transfer used. This can be tracked in your control panel, more can be purchased if required.

Hosted Domains

2 The number of individual domains you can host on this package, extra hosted domains can be added separately.

Domain Aliases

Extra This is a domain that will mirror your existing website and email accounts.

Domain Registration

Extra We can register domain names for you. This includes .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, .org.uk and many more.


Included cPanel is a powerful control panel allowing you to administer all aspects of your account/webspace 24×7. See more


5 A subdomain is in the form sub.domain.com, so you may choose to have a separate subdomain for your forum or a subsection of your site.


Included Allows users the ability to quickly install dozens of open source web applications into their web space.

Instant Blog setup

Included One click install of Blogs like WordPress.

Instant OSCommerce setup

Included One click install of e-commerce systems like OSCommerce

30 day money back guarantee

Guaranteed All our packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee. This means, if you are not 100% satisfied in the first 30 days, we will give you all your hosting fees back – no questions asked.

File Manager

Included The online file manager allows you to modify and create files on your website without using FTP, ideal for quick updates.


5 FTP Accounts allow you to quickly and easily upload files to your webspace. You will need to use a FTP client such as FileZilla.

Raw Log Files

Included The last 30 days logfiles for your site can be downloaded via FTP.


Included Advanced website statistics using smarterstats , for a demo please contact us.

Dedicated SSL

Extra A Dedicated SSL certificate tells users if the server they are connecting to belongs to the website they are trying to view. It also protects the data that is being transmitted using encryption. A dedicated SSL is specific to one domain only and is not shared.

Shared SSL

Extra Shared SSL is a secure URL used to encrypt data between the client and server, for taking credit card details or other sensitive data.

Password Folders

Included Password protected folders allow you to add authentication to particular folders in your site, this can be setup and managed from the control panel.

24/7 Monitoring

Included Using some of the most advanced monitoring software available our servers are checked every 2 minutes for problems, should a problem be found the system will restart the affected component and should further investigation be required the system will alert a technician.

Weekly Backups

Included We take weekly backups of all sites, and daily backups of MSSQL and MySQL databases, these backups are also mirrored offsite at a completely seperate location for disaster recover purposes.


Included We offer a full webmail client for accessing your email from any internet connection, or even on your PDA.

E-mail Forwarders

50 If you wish to forward an email account to another address. You may wish to forward sales@yourdomain.com to your ISPs email account.


5 Multi Recipient Addresses will forward an email sent to one address to several others that your define.

POP3 email accounts

50 Each email account can be accessed through your email client, through any web browser and also on your phone.

Auto Responders

Included This will respond with an email you define to the sender, so if you are on holiday you may set one up to let people know you are away.

Spam Filtering

Basic We offer two levels of spam filtering, our basic filtering offers protection from the most basic spam using well known blacklists. We can also offer a more advanced service based on complex filtering and content analysis, please click here for more information.

Virus Scanned E-mail

Included We scan all email for viruses, these virus signatures are updated several times per day.

MX Backup

Included With every domain hosted we have an offsite nameserver and backup mailserver ensuring you don’t loose any email should our mail mailserver or network have an issue.

Outgoing SMTP

Included You can send email using our SMTP servers rather than your ISP’s, we also provide a facility to send on a non standard port if your ISP blocks email sent on port 25.


Included Enables you to quickly and easily update MySQL databases


5 MySQL is the worlds most popular open source database, with powerful features MySQL provides a fast backend for your site.


Included A popular open source scripting language, we provide support for v5 and v7.

Perl 5.8

Included A popular open source scripting language, we provide support for v5.8 and below.


Included Server Side Includes are supported.


Included Easily add required MIME types to your site through the control panel.

Cron Jobs

Included Cronjobs allows you to automate repetitive/scheduled tasks on your website. Examples of using a cronjob would be for running an automatic backup script or to send a weekly or daily email to an individual or mailing list.

E-mail / Live Chat / Phone Support

Included We provide fast, friendly, UK based support via email, live chat and phone.


Included Our knowledgebase is constantly updated to include tutorials, hints and tips on how to get the most out of your account.