IPv6At catalyst2 we offer a wide range of web hosting services and now we also offer IPv6 web hosting too.

What is IPv6?

The successor to IPv4, IPv6 has a far larger pool of IPs and is much more modern. If you’re looking to switch to IPv6, catalyst2 can help. Our experts are available to answer any questions about the transition and can set you up with IPv6 web hosting.

A huge part of the internet’s success is thanks to the IP protocol. Enabling computers to exchange data with one another, as the internet has evolved over the past 20 years since it was created, a growing number of devices connect to it on a daily basis. From smartphones to tablets, outside of computers the consumption of IPv4 addresses has been rapidly increasing. As a result, today there are fewer available IPv4 addresses than ever.

Benefits of IPv6 web hosting

All of catalyst2’s web hosting plans are completely compatible with IPv6, the new protocol version of IPv4, ensuring that your website is accessible to all devices. If you’re thinking of switching to IPv6, you’ll benefit from the following:

– A web hosting server that stands as the future of the internet
– The reassurance that your website is accessible by all devices connecting to the server
– Through the use of a local link, there is no requirement for further infrastructure
– A world of opportunities for both small and large businesses with an internet server that can deal with a growing demand for IP addresses.

IPv6 also offers a range of contemporary features including autoconfiguration. A key benefit of IPv6, it allows Stateless and Stateful configuration meeting the demands of IPv4 and more. With more efficient routing it reduces the size of routing tables, making it more efficient and hierarchal.

The updated web host server also provides more efficient packet processing and streamlines directed data flow as it supports multicast rather than broadcast. Its simplified network configuration features address auto-configuration which is built into the IPv6. Offering high-end security, it’s reliable and uses an internet control message protocol.

How to switch to IPv6 web hosting

Switching to IPv6 is easier than ever, thanks to the help of catalyst2. The migration process is complex and involves upgrading, reconfiguring and testing various hardware devices and software for the transition. Lots of different elements will need to be considered including switches, routers, servers, application settings, laptops and smartphones, firewalls and more. All of these will need to be updated separately to make sure they can be used with IPv6. You’ll also need to update policy documentation too as part of the migration, which for larger organisations can take quite some time to complete.

Switch to IPv6 today and benefit from a faster, more secure internet server. Our team of IT wizards are available to answer all queries and help you make the transition. catalyst2 are dedicated to helping all businesses both large and small update to IPv6.

In a world where technical innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, it’s essential to be prepared for the future. IPv6 will allow your business to do just that. With more and more IP-enabled devices populating the internet, it’s important to ensure that your business can deliver services to both end-users and customers with ease. IPv6 will provide the IP addresses required to do this and those businesses that choose not to make the switch will restrict their ability to drive business growth essentially. An ability to be both flexible and innovative should always be a priority for businesses in the 21st century and beyond.

Contact catalyst2 today and a member of our team will discuss how IPv6 can help your business.