Not yet outsourcing your servers to the cloud? Consider these huge benefits of trusting this essential part of your IT infrastructure to a dedicated, industry-leading organisation.


Whether cloud-based or not, your systems are vulnerable to internet security breaches. At catalyst2 we have network and server teams constantly managing and maintaining all elements of security and performance of our network and servers meaning that best practices are always being applied and should software need patching, we have automated systems to deploy these updates as fast as possible.


Do you have a data pipe able to deal with the required volume of incoming requests, or a cooling system to maintain your server’s optimal functionality? With round-the-clock expert support and maintenance comes the peace of mind that your servers will always be up and running.


Cloud-based dedicated servers can allow you to vary the scale of your services, which is especially useful if you find your server usage alters significantly over the year.

Improved functionality

You’ll be getting enhanced services and support for the same cost as keeping your servers in house, allowing your employees to work more efficiently. Many companies report improved customer service through cloud-based servers’ seamless functionality.


As well as benefiting from the economies of scale that cloud providers can obtain through shared systems, you’ll be getting world-class technology for ‘town-class’ costs – and be better able to predict future years’ IT costs and spread that cost.

Prioritise staff

Moving to an award-winning hosting provider allows employees to focus on the important aspects of your business. This is especially useful for smaller businesses: data managers can focus on data, not the technology supporting it.


Running a data centre is a huge undertaking, in cost, maintenance and reliability. Having your own servers might seem like a sensible self-sufficient option, but the risk of power outages and the expensive electricity bills make outsourcing a far more sensible option.

catalyst2 are a dedicated server company focusing on exceptional customer service and reliability. We can provide detailed advice on the various cloud-based server options open to you. We can help you plan the best course of action for your externally hosted cloud server. For any and all your cloud-based server needs, drop us an email today at