A dedicated server is a type of website host in which the user has the exclusive use of the entire server. If your business currently uses a shared hosting server, you may have experienced some hosting problems. This is because other websites are using the same server, which means you are competing for limited server resources. With managed dedicated servers, the service provider manages the servers, networks and software that the customer needs for hosting.. To learn more about the benefits of a managed dedicated server and find out if your business should use one, continue reading.

Excellent security

With a managed dedicated server, your company will have full access and authority to manage the server. This means that no other websites that could be malicious can have access to the server.. With a dedicated server, you can have peace of mind that you aren’t sharing your space with a potential scammer or hacker. This enhanced security is particularly important for companies who handle sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP. Furthermore, the server infrastructure includes security and firewall monitoring, which protects your website.. The server can also prevent denial of service attacks, as the dedicated server is separated from data belonging to other customers.

Unique IP address

Another benefit is that your website will have a unique IP address. With shared hosting, your business website could be sharing an address with a spam site, which can affect your website negatively by pushing down its ranking.. Having your own IP address means you don’t have to deal with these issues. It also means that you can ensure a faster response during times of high traffic load, and use FTP to access your account if the domain name is otherwise inaccessible.

Great flexibility

A key advantage of using a managed dedicated server is the flexibility it can bring. With this kind of server, you are able to customise the server to your own needs. With shared hosting, you are limited to what is already loaded on the server.. This means it could lack important features that you need, or contain lots of software that you don’t need. With a dedicated server, you can select the software and platform that is best for your business, and customise based on your RAM, CPU and disk space needs.

Why managed hosting?

It is possible to manage a dedicated service in house. However, there are great benefits to using a managed dedicated server.. If your business doesn’t already hire IT staff, then a managed dedicated server will mean that you don’t have to spend money on hiring experts. Plus, if your hardware fails, you will be covered and not have to fork out to replace it. Essentially, ‘managed’ means that you don’t have to manage your environment, or pay somebody else to do it. If you don’t have the overheads for a system administrator, this may be the best option for your business.

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