Having an online presence is almost a must for every business, but for a website to be established online, it requires a hosting provider to keep the website accessible for the public. That being said, with several hosting solutions available, cloud hosting has been coming increasingly popular for many businesses, but why? 

What is cloud hosting?

It’s more than likely that you already know what cloud hosting, but for reference, it’s the latest and most secure technology to provide a high-performing flexible hosting service. The principle concept of cloud hosting is that it uses resources from several servers that are connected to the internet, which creates a cloud computing platform. 

Why businesses are using it

  • Don’t need to pay for additional IT staff

Companies are always looking for ways to save money, which is where cloud hosting is ideal. Unlike some alternative hosting solutions such as dedicated and managed hosting, cloud hosting don’t require additional personnel to set-up, maintain and organise the system. Instead, all of these tasks should be set up by the hosting provider, meaning businesses that use cloud hosting can save costs by not requiring additional staff. 

  • Flexible costs

Following the same reasoning, businesses are also adopting cloud hosting due to flexible costs. This is due to the overall scaling and flexibility of cloud hosting, where businesses can easily fluctuate the resources that they need and simply pay for the quantity of space, power and bandwidth that they use.

  • Better security and updating

As mentioned briefly, with any in-house physical servers you will have full responsibility for any security concerns and updates, which can be a challenge to manage. Once you switch over to a cloud hosting provider, the provider will then be completely responsible for ensuring all security measures are met, as well as continuously carrying out maintenance tasks.

  • Better collaboration for remote work

A record number of employees are working on the road for companies, which means it’s important that they can access their documents with ease, hence why cloud hosting is perfect. The employer can easily add team members to the business’ cloud so that they can access their documents regardless of their location.

For this very same reason, it’s also become very popular for collaborative work. As several employees can easily access the same documents at the same time, it has been proven to increase efficiency, as well as improving the general quality of the work by a notable percentage. 

  • Back-up and disaster recovery

It’s worth stating, almost every hosting solution is bound to include back-up and disaster recovery in their own approach, but cloud hosting is often much more effective. This is because most back-up systems are installed in-house, which are not only expensive but they are also time and resource-intensive to maintain. Whereas with cloud hosting, backup and disaster recovery systems are organised by their team and software, which is also often much safer and cheaper once more. 

Interested in talking to a cloud hosting provider?

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