We are often asked the question, “why do I want a Virtual Dedicated Server, surely, I want a server I can touch, feel and see?”

There are a couple of reasons that the majority of the servers we sell are Virtual Dedicated Servers on our VMware platform rather than Physical Dedicated Servers:

  • Servers can be provisioned in under an hour, working to a tight deadline, no problem.
  • We can easily scale the server, if you need an extra 10GB of diskspace now, give us 5, done!
  • The servers are setup to be redundant, as they are not reliant on one single piece of hardware.
  • VM’s are much more energy efficient and therefore a greener solution.

We see lots of different types of users using our virtual dedicated servers:

  • Marketing companies wanting a server for a short campaign
  • Web agencies wanting to host multiple websites and add new servers quickly with ease
  • Startups wanting to get the basics at the beginning and scale as they grow
  • Projects conceived on a Saturday and setup on the Sunday
  • and many many more…

If you are interested in this, we can have a fully managed server ready and built in a few hours. We offer contracts on our servers from 1 month to 36 months. Always with our fast, helpful freephone support for any queries you may have!

Got a question? Speak to one of the team by calling 0800 107 79 79 or emailing us – info@catalyst2.com